Why are Colorado seniors buying a second house in Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg, MS is proving to be quite a magnet to seniors. It attracts a lot of them to buy real estate as a second home. This trend is part of the senior exodus from all over the US to Mississippi and Hattiesburg. But if you are wondering just why are Colorado seniors buying a second house in Hattiesburg, MS, here are a few facts that can explain it.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The city of Hattiesburg is the fourth largest city in Mississippi. Today it is a thriving city that attracts a lot of people. It is not only a place for tourists but its population is also growing. Interestingly, Spyder Moving is noting an increase in moving services they provide and moves they perform.

Outdoor activities are the reason why are Colorado seniors buying a second house in Hattiesburg.
There are many opportunities for active senior living in Hattiesburg

The numbers are clear. The population is growing. In addition, many people are opting to buy real estate here as a second home. The motives for this seem clear.

A place to retire to

Hattiesburg was recently voted one of the top 100 towns to retire to in the US. It seems that the town offers amenities that are valuable to senior citizens. This is the one of main reasons Why are Colorado seniors buying a second house here. In preparation for retirement, seniors are acquiring property in Hattiesburg.

This quiet college town has a small-town feel and offers a quiet lifestyle. However, it also offers a dynamic set of activities for everyone. Generally, the amenities and the offering of Hettisburg are great. They are suitable both for the younger population, seniors, and requires. Which is exactly why are Colorado seniors buying a second house in Hattiesburg. Here comes a few reasons to move and settle here.

  • Affordability
  • Healthcare system
  • Lifestyle and activities
  • Social life


The cost of living here is below average. The majority of expšences are closer to average while property and pension tax is considerably lower or nonexistent. This means that if you decide to stay permanently your income/pension will last longer and provide you with more.


Hattiesburg is also well known good healthcare system. Doctors and hospitals are above average in quality. At the same time, the healthcare service is much cheaper.

Senior couple walking
Good weather, nature and a great healthcare system are perfect for seniors

This is also an issue that is of special interest to the senior population and one of the main reasons for hiring versatile movers for relocation to this lovely spot.

Dynamic lifestyle

For all those that want a more dynamic lifestyle, there is always something to do. The town has a tennis and golf club. People can choose to go biking or hiking, swimming, and even hunting. Those that like indoor activities can go shopping, to the theater or take a trip to nearby towns.

Social life

This means that the social life here is great. All of these reasons dubbed the town a great place to retire. With this in mind, many seniors are flocking here in search of property to buy. They are moving here even long-distance with the perspective of retiring here. Every reliable crew to deal with transport during a long-distance relocation in Hattiesburg is in high demand.

Ship on the Mississippi river
There are plenty of opportunities for having fun and meeting people for seniors here

So, if you have ever wondered why are Colorado seniors buying a second house in Hattiesburg here are a few reasons. The place is great to have a second home and visit or even move here if you wish to downsize your home and enjoy your retirement.

This also opens a great perspective of retiring here in the future. So, it seems that with its reputation and amenities Hattiesburg is a place to be for seniors and the main reason for owning real estate here.

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