Which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you

Finding a good place to live is something that takes a lot of experience and knowledge. Luckily, Washington has a lot of great cities you can choose from. There’s a lot of diversity. You should really take your lifestyle into consideration when looking to find out which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you.

Make a list of priorities

Before seeing which Renton area is perfect for you, make a list. Place all of your priorities on it and try to focus on your first five. If you’re into profitable house flipping look for neighborhoods that are suitable for that. If you want to find a place to settle down and start a quiet life, then let that guide your decision making. It’s all up to you.

A blank paper where you need to make a list of priorities to see which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you.
If you want to find out which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you, start with making a list of priorities.

So which Renton neighborhoods are perfect for you?

  • Kennydale
  • Highlands Park
  • Lakeridge
  • Downtown Renton
  • La Rosa Meadows
  • Seahurst
  • Benson Hill
  • The Landing

All of these neighborhoods have a great peaceful feel. It’s a town that’s quite close to Seattle and you can make regular visits. It has a lot of good and organized private schools. Neighborhoods in Renton are trying their best to change for the better when it comes to inclusivity and overall cultural progress.

If you were to ask yourself which one of these Renton neighborhoods is perfect for you, the answer would have to lie in a personal choice or preference. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to settle down, buy and renovate a home with your family, and turn over a new leaf, any one of these would do.


When it comes to moving costs, it doesn’t really matter which Renton neighborhood you choose as perfect for you. However, when it comes to housing costs and prices, there might be some differences. Of course, as with any other place, you need to prioritize. What’s more important – cheaper housing or a more luxurious lifestyle?

A notepad and a tablet showing some stats on prices that you need to look at when deciding which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you.
Looking at prices in order to decide which neighborhood you want to live in is a must.

Find reliable Washington movers to help you see which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you

Seeing how, once you’ve decided which Renton neighborhood is right for you, you’ll need to hire movers. However, why not think about hiring them a bit sooner? This way, you’ll get to ask them for some advice on choosing the right neighborhood. They surely have some insight on the matter. It’s a good idea to find local help for your upcoming move.

Look for quality and reliability above all else. Companies like hansenbros.com have plenty of experience. They’ve been in the game for a long time.

After finding Renton neighborhood that’s perfect for you

After you’ve chosen which Renton neighborhood is perfect for you, the fun truly begins. If you’re someone who likes a safe lifestyle and enjoys peace and quiet, you’ll love Renton. It’s time to meet the neighbors and start your new life.

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