What to not forget when packing for a move from New Hampshire to Colorado

Since you are preparing for a move from New Hampshire to Colorado, we decided to help you out with the most boring part of it – packing. Packing by itself is not a hard task. You just have a lot of items to pack separately. Also, you cant just pack things randomly. It’s important to have a system. Otherwise, you will forget a lot of things. It’s never good to forget things in your old home since it’s not so easy to just come back. That’s why if you’re prepared you won’t be forgetting anything. Also, you will have a reminder from us and will be well prepared. Nothing will stay behind if we can have a say!

Before you start the packing process

If you have fewer items to pack you will lower your chances of forgetting important things. That’s why it would be smart to do decluttering before you start packing for your move from New Hampshire to Colorado. You have a long road ahead of you so try to get rid of all items you don’t use and need in your new Colorado home. Everything that is just an access item you can sell, recycle, gift, or donate. It’s up to you and you alone will know what is the best choice here. But, if you sell some of those items you no longer need (if they are in good condition) you can earn some money for your packing material like bubble wrap.

Saving money

You will be saving a lot money on packing material and that’s always good. While we are discussing packing material – did you know that nowadays you can rent plastic bins instead of buying moving boxes that will be an inconvenience later on. Also they are very sturdy so those plastic bins will easily keep all your household safe.

piggy bank as a symbol os saving money for a move from New Hampshire to Colorado
Yes, you can even earn some money – how cool is that?

Items people often forget

There are some things that people often forget and we are about to show you a list. We are doing this so you can take a mental note do you will remember them when the time comes:

  • items that are located on walls like decoration, mirrors and pictures because they are on the wall and often looked over so put some small reminder that those need to be packed as well
  • keys – this is so common, people focus on furniture and those bulky items that reqire a lot of attention and forget about keys to their new home since they are not using them to close the door behind them
  • meds, documentation and other important items – as you can see things that metter the most often get left behind for some reason but meds are your top priority so focus on packing those

How to use modern technology in order to remember to pack everything

Your phone can be the best assistant you can possibly have and it can be in your back pocket all the time to remind you. Moving and packing apps are amazing nowadays. Most of them have reminders, useful tips for packing and so much more. They can even help you to find reliable movers like Preferred Movers are. So, check them out and download a few to try them out. Most of the moving and packing apps are free to use, so as you can see there is no reason not to try them out.

opening a website on iPad
Use your phone or tablet as a personal assistant.

If you need help with packing for your upcoming relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado

State-to-state relocations can be difficult and that’s why it’s smart to call specialists to give you a hand when it comes to packing at least. That way you will have fewer chances to forget anything. Professional movers can do the packing for you which will speed up the process and make your upcoming move much easier. You can rest assured all your household belongings will be packed carefully and with care. Everything will be safe and sound for the long road that’s ahead. But that’s not even the best part!

State-to-state movers

If you want transfer done in no time you hire professional movers – it’s that easy. But full-service movers can also help with planning, logistics, heavy lifting, packing, and unpacking! Basically, they can assist you in every aspect of your upcoming relocation. This is the only way to have a stress-free relocation and it is perfect for people with kids or seniors, those who are in a rush, and those who have a lot of household items. You will be able to focus on other important matters like settling in your new Colorado home.

Professional movers carrying a sofa
Leave heavy lofting to trained professionals.

Don’t forget to pack your “to go” bag

This is often neglected but it might be very useful. To go bag is simply a bag where you will pack everything you need for the road. Here is a list of the most common items that people pack in their bag for the road :

  • meds
  • keys
  • food and snacks
  • baby formula and baby food
  • wet wipes
  • water and soft drinks
  • spare set of clothes for every family member traveling
  • small towel
  • gel sanitizer for hands
  • face mask
  • some sort of entertaintmant for the road

Of course, you alone will know the best what you need to pack for the road and what is important to bring with you. We just gave you a few suggestions and showed you the most common items. The important thing is to prepare for moving day and the road as well. There is no need to make stops every time someone gets thirsty or hungry.

Bon voyage!

Good luck with your upcoming move from New Hampshire to Colorado and hopefully you won’t forget a single thing! Just read this once again when the time to pack comes and you will be good to go. Try to have some fun along the way.

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