What every professional organizer will tell you about packing for a move

Relocating and packing for your move can be much easier when you have a professional organizer by your side. He or she will help you see what you need and what you do not need anymore, and will also tell you what order is the best when it comes to packing your things. Here, you will read some tips on packing every professional will tell you after you hire him or her.

When packing for a move, pack the items you will put in a storage unit first

According to a professional’s advice, you should always pack the things you are renting storage space for first. Just make sure that you pack everything appropriately so that the items are safe from any sort of damage.

Clothes that you do not wear currently should be next

Then, you should pack all the clothes from the past season, in this case, winter clothing. Moreover, you should consider getting rid of the clothing pieces that you are not wearing anymore. For example, you can donate them because there are many people who will use them. Also, there is the possibility of selling some items on the internet, or you can organize a garage sale if you prefer that way. Definitely, if you decide to sell something, perhaps you can earn some money to cover part of your relocation expenses.

A pile of packed winter clothes.
Pack winter clothes first because you are not wearing them at the moment.

Separate different items in individual boxes and label each one

Moreover, you should have a plan when packing things for your move. The best will be to create a list of packing supplies that you need to buy. Or, even better, if you already have some in your home, reuse them. In this way, you will both protect your surroundings while also saving some amount of money. When you have everything, make sure to separate different items and pack them in individual boxes. So, put your books in one box and your towels in the other. Then, after you seal them with tape, label each one. When you have labels on your boxes, you will unpack them quickly when you arrive at your new house.

A cardboard box.
Label each box to stay organized.

When packing for a move, be careful with sensitive items when packing for a move

Finally, a true professional will tell you to pay special attention when packing sensitive objects for their transport. Since they can easily damage, you need to use bubble pack, towels, and paper to wrap them before you gently put them in their containers. Importantly, you need to remember to put a label and clearly state with big letters that fragile things are inside.

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