Top neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners

If you are a pet owner looking to move to Denver, you probably have a lot of questions. The most common question is what are the top pet-friendly neighborhoods in Denver. While all of Denver’s neighborhoods are very pet friendly, some are better than others. Our experts from E Realty co. compiled a list of the top neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners, so let’s take a look at what they picked!

The top neighborhoods in Denver

As mentioned before, all of the neighborhoods in Denver are pet friendly, but the ones that we will list are considered the best neighborhoods to take your dog for a walk! Those neighborhoods are:

  • Cheesman Park
  • City Park
  • Baker
  • Capitol Hill
  • Washington Park
  • Five Points
  • Park Hill
  • Highland
  • Lower Downtown
  • Centennial
  • Congress Park
  • Englewood

Keep in mind that these neighborhoods are listed in no particular order and they are all great for their reasons.

Cheesman Park

This section of Denver has wide-open parks, well-kept lawns, and a little of local history since it was once a cemetery. Cheesman Park is located in the heart of Denver and has a lengthy (and intriguing) history of shifting owners as the city grew. It has served a variety of purposes and has undergone several restorations. If you are tired of fetch, you may take your pup to the pleasant park area, which also has some fascinating old residences to enjoy.

City Park

City Park is the place to go if you’re searching for largely green grass with a dash of the sidewalk. It is flanked by residential neighborhoods, but it mostly provides open spaces with green areas, access to water, and linked paths to neighboring parks, and it is regarded to be the best maintained for tourists. This park is located in the northeastern area of Denver, closer to downtown.

If you decide to move to City park make sure that you know all the details that you will need to move properly. Firstly, you will need to find suitable assistance. That includes moving, packing, or even a real estate agent. By having professionals by your side the whole process will be easy, and you basically won’t need to lift a finger!

Happy couple unpacking
Moving to one of the neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners is an easy task if you have proper help!


This neighborhood, located in Denver’s West Central neighborhood, includes historic mansions for you to rubberneck, as well as broad avenues and tree-lined neighborhoods that lure your pup for a unique smell. Because this neighborhood is close to several of the city’s most popular commercial districts (and restaurants), you’re just as likely to pass by it on your way to a new event downtown as you are to stop by for a stroll.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, dubbed “Denver’s Mecca for Artists and Hippies,” is the most densely inhabited and architecturally diverse neighborhood on our list. While parking is tough to come by, it is close to some of the greatest spots to have a cup of coffee or visit a neighboring park. With so many local businesses, it’s likely that your dog will be welcome on the front porch at most, but double-check before settling down.

Washington Park

The last area on our list is located in Central Denver and features a lively neighborhood as well as an urban park where you can walk your dog. Washington Park has also undergone multiple restorations, with the design of one of them being influenced by the Titanic’s Unsinkable Molly Brown. For its diversity of groomed gardens, expansive grassy space, running pathways, and lake access, it has been compared to Central Park in New York City. For those hoping to cram in some retail therapy while your puppy is with a pal, it also has a neighboring artistic store area, grocery shops, and a small shopping center. You will not want to miss this park!

Five Points

Five Points, like many of the other areas on this list, has a long and tumultuous past. The Five Points, dubbed the “Harlem of the West” and responsible for Denver’s bad reputation, has undergone the greatest redevelopment. It was formerly abandoned but was quickly renovated in the 1990s and is now a thriving pedestrian area. It has intriguing metropolitan neighborhoods to visit, with plenty of walkways and old structures to admire, as well as several current community outreach activities.

Park Hill

This area, on the city’s eastern outskirts, is home to numerous single-family houses, a vibrant historic district, and community outreach programs to keep an eye on. While not all of our suggestions feature parks or activities specifically for dogs, it’s always a good idea to introduce your dog to new locations (even if they don’t include grassy spaces). As many individuals go about their business in Park Hill, they are exposed to different aromas, unusual textures beneath their paws, and innovative sounds.

When searching for neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners, our experts highly recommend getting help from a local realtor. There are many big benefits of working with a local real estate agent in Denver that you should consider. For example, real estate agents have access to databases that you don’t have, and they use that data to get you the best homes for the best price!

Real estate agent showing neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners on a laptop.
Working with a real estate agent boosts your chances of getting your dream home!

Lower Downtown

Lower Downtown Denver will highlight the city’s vibrancy and activity. There are several stores, restaurants, pubs, craft brewers, and nightclubs to choose from… The possibilities are limitless. Lower Downtown, or LoDo as it’s known, is an extremely walkable and bike-friendly district. Local art is very well appreciated here. Because there is so much to do in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners, you will never be bored.

As the LoDo area is gaining popularity, it is becoming much easier to become a part of its community. Many great moving companies started doing business in the area which makes the whole process much easier. Before you hire help for your move, do research on websites like to be sure that you are hiring a reputable moving company. By hiring reputable movers your items are much safer and you will have moving insurance to cover any accidents that may occur!


Centennial is a sprawling community with a suburban vibe. This is a family-friendly area that is safe, clean, and somewhat quiet. Centennial’s schools are well regarded. This is a lovely community where everyone looks out for one another, so you will be welcomed with open arms. There will be a plethora of shopping opportunities available to you. Local shops and excellent eateries abound in the area. Because the area is so varied, you’ll have a lot of great culinary alternatives. You will be able to enjoy the mountain scenery every day after you move to Centennial. Centennial residents spend the majority of their time walking, running and admiring the lovely Piney Creek paths, as well as experiencing the tranquility of the area south of Denver.

Congress Park

Congress Park is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver with above-average school systems that are ideal for young families. You can simply stroll to one of the restaurants or stores in this neighborhood since it is walkable. Your neighbors are quite pleasant and prepared to assist you. There are a lot of parks in the region. The majority of the people have dogs and live an active lifestyle. Congress Park is a very safe and lovely area in which you and your family may make your home. You are only a short drive from the mountains, where you may enjoy winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding.

Building in Denver
Congress Park is a popular location both for families and people with pets!


Highland is ideal for young professionals as well as families and pet owners. That is one of the most popular places in Colorado that young New Yorkers are buying properties at. It’s a multicultural area with Italian and Hispanic influences. This area has everything you’re searching for, including art museums, cafés, clubs, pubs, and fantastic restaurants. Highland is a particularly pedestrian-friendly area where you can enjoy farmers’ markets and community activities throughout the summer months. Sloan’s Lake Park is close by if you want to get some fresh air. The local schools are excellent, making this city ideal for families with children.


Englewood is another Denver area that is near to downtown and ideal for folks who prefer going out or shopping. From here, getting to Denver is a breeze. The educational system here is excellent, and you will find professors that are truly committed to their students. There are several restaurants, local businesses, and shops around the area. Because the mountains are nearby, you can go hiking whenever you want. Not only that but the scenery and vistas are breathtaking. There are several opportunities for recreation, such as walking or running. This is another Denver dog-friendly community. Englewood is a very safe and nice neighborhood to live in.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many great options among neighborhoods in Denver for pet owners. Only you know which one will fit you best, so think about going on a tour of your favorites and decide which one you like the most! That way you will be able to make a fully educated decision on your new neighborhood!

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