Top family-friendly neighborhoods in Monterey, CA

Monterey is a medium-sized coastal city in the Monterey Area in California. It has a small-town feel, tight communities, and wonderful surroundings that make it pretty attractive for visitors. Residents often get a chance to meet plenty of new people who come here to enjoy the beautiful nature. But, this is not just an ordinary west coast beach city that attracts tourists. It has a rich history and culture, world-class amenities, and some of the best views in the states. Overall, you can find many family-friendly neighborhoods in Monterey that are great for raising kids.

The best neighborhoods in Monterey, CA

Even though it’s not exactly a large place, Monterey appears to be a very attractive city. Despite being known for the outdoors, Monterey offers a lot in terms of livability. There are many exciting family-friendly places filled with fun, where the kids will always have something to do. And, the local Mod Movers can make relocation quite easy, should you decide to move. You can find about 16 compact neighborhoods there, each diverse and with a colorful history. But here, we’ll mention just a couple of the most notable neighborhoods that are great for families:

  • Aguajito Oaks
  • Alta Mesa
  • Del Monte
  • Mar Vista
  • New Monterey

Aguajito Oaks

Located in the central area and quite hidden away, this lovely neighborhood offers privacy and total calmness. In general, this is a well-established community that is especially interesting for military families. About 45% of the resident are those active in the military. Which is, generally, more than in 99% of American neighborhoods. Besides that, Aguajito has a great number of government workers, closely followed by managerial positions. The strong culture and character of this lovely neighborhood make it a safe haven for your growing family.

Alta Mesa

This is a smaller neighborhood perfect for those seeking single-family homes. Located near Monterey Peninsula College and Del Monte Shopping Center, it has a good connection with other areas. Despite its central location, this is an extremely quiet and private neighborhood. Even better, you can expect to get more for the same budget than in most other parts. So, check with the Monterey-based crew to help you out with your relocation. With good schools and proximity to the legendary Dennis the Menace Park, is’s a great place to grow children.

Del Monte

Another hidden gem that, surprisingly, many visitors don’t notice right away. Mostly, it’s comprised of various mid-century modern homes and condo complexes. Considering it’s a suburban neighborhood, those working in farming, fishing, and forestry industry will find more job opportunities here. In general, this is a wonderful place where you can see rich marine wildlife. And enjoy pleasant long walks in the outdoors. Because it offers quite an adventurous feel to roam free and explore surroundings, the kids love it. And you will get the opportunity and time to practice your gardening skills.

Many animals on the shores of Monterey.
Overall, Marine wildlife is a part of this place.

Mar Vista

Overlooking the Monterey Bay from the high forested area, you will find Mar Vista. A quite welcoming neighborhood from the first moment you arrive. With Huckleberry Hill Nature Preserve and Veteran’s Park, there is plenty of chances for all sorts of outdoor activities. There are, also, incredible views of Monterey Bay and the entire surrounding area. Amazing climate, a lot of open space, and very good schools are making this neighborhood great for families. Overall, moving and staging your home here will be a pleasure.

New Monterey

The last on this list, but definitely not least important. In fact, New Monterey is one of the most interesting neighborhoods around. You have Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and plenty of attractions to visit. Even without them, top-class restaurants and various shops are making this part the biggest tourist attraction. The abundance of single-family homes and apartment buildings will give you more than enough options to choose from.

Cannery Row in the evening.
Cannery Row attracts many tourists, in general.

Moving to one of the top family-friendly neighborhoods in Monterey, CA can be a great choice. With high living standards, wonderful nature, and friendly people, it’s one of the best areas on the west coast.

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