Top cities for moving Millennials in Canada

Millennials are “taking the world” – they are running businesses, buying properties, moving, building up their careers, etc. If you are one of them and you want to start a new life in a new city, the first decision to make is – where to move. Canada is a country that offers a lot to young people seeking jobs and fun. But, where are those cities for moving millennials in Canada, and how to move fast and simple? Nowadays, moving to another city or a country is more common than because of the internet and airlines. Millennials have more opportunities than their parents before.

The list of best cities for moving millennials in Canada

Canada is a big country, with plenty of beautiful cities and small towns. It is not easy to choose when the list is long. But, we have chosen some of the best cities for moving Millennials in Canada according to different factors. Many millennials are choosing smaller cities over larger cities because of the cheaper costs of living, but some millennials love to be in the city center where everything is happening.

A millennial.
As a millennial, you should work on your career and also plan a family. Move to a better place where you can have all

Currently, millennials are the largest demographic cohort in Canada – about 8 million people are aged between 23 and 38. Most of the best cities for millennials in Canada are located in Ontario. People are moving to Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, etc.


Ottawa is the number one city for millennials are younger people. It is the capital of CA and it offers everything, from jobs to amazing nightlife. Taxes are low, healthcare is great, average salaries are high, and the economy is stable. So, if you are, for example, moving your business from Colorado to Canada, Ottawa may be the perfect solution.


The economy in Saskatoon is booming in the past few years and is promising a lot. The unemployment rate is low and the costs of living are very affordable, which are the main reasons for millennials moving there. You can work in the finances or tech industry, opportunities are endless.


Tech industries are booming in Waterloo and many tech companies are opening their office here. It is one of the cities for moving Millennials in Canada because the IT industry is the present and the future too. The education system here is also great, so if you want to raise your family or to invest in your education, this is one of the best places to move to.


The median household incomes here are very high, one of the highest in the country. Incomes are getting higher and higher. It is a city in Alberta and it is a leader in the oil and gas industry. Also, there are many small businesses too and it is a distribution and transportation hub. Behind Toronto, it has the highest concentration of head offices in the country.

A view of Toronto.
Choose the best city in Canada for your career and a city where you can have fun


A city in British Columbia (capital of this Canadian province) is located between Vancouver and Seattle with many high-tech companies. Besides the IT industry, food products, tourism, and education are also popular.

Quebec City

The unemployment rate is 3.9% which is very low. Housing is affordable as well as overall costs of living. One of the disadvantages is cold and long winters. If you are not a fan of snow and winter sports, then you should choose a city in the southern part of Canada.

Richmond Hill

The education system in Richmond Hills is amazing, schools are highly-rated, and it has a high number of graduates. It is a diverse city full of job opportunities. Toronto is close to it, which is another advantage. The average salaries are high and most people work in business services, wholesale and retail trade, and manufacturing and construction industries.

Cities in Canada millennials are avoiding

On the other hand, there are some cities that millennials are avoiding and they are moving out from these cities. Toronto and Montreal are two cities with the highest loss of younger population. One of the main reasons for that is the higher costs of living, particularly rent.

Organizing your Canada relocation

How to move within Canada hassle-free? After deciding where to move to CA, it is time to pack your bags and organize a relocation. Search for packing material, decide what to move and what not to move, start packing on time, and create a moving checklist. One of the resources that can help you organize your relocation is for sure.

A girl looking for cities for moving Millennials in Canada.
Research cities in Canada with a strong economy

Choose a reliable and experienced mover in Canada and move stress-free. Transport all your household items safely, especially if you are moving during the winter months. If you don’t have experience with moving, you will need help with driving a moving vehicle on icy roads.

Moving from the USA to Canada

Many young professionals from the US are moving to Canada to try their luck. Americans in Canada are buying homes and then they are renting them. Also, they are looking for a job and not to mention that healthcare in Canada is the best in the world. When Americans move to Canada, they usually choose the southern part of the country. Cities there are well developed and the weather is better.


Ottawa is one of the most popular cities for moving Millennials in Canada are moving, but not the only option. Pursue your career in another city where opportunities are bigger. Moving for work is common especially among the younger population. Explore the job market, costs of living, nightlife before you move.

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