Tips on how to store your wooden furniture

Renting a storage unit (temporary or permanently) is one of the best options to keep your items safe, and your home clean and decluttered. But, before you put there your belongings, you should know how to prepare them. Especially how to store items that are sensitive to temperature changes and a higher humidity level. Wood, paper, electronics, artwork are items that require special attention. If you need to store your wooden furniture, you must be informed first and know how to prepare a storage unit and how to prepare wooden furniture too.

Choose the right storage unit

The first step in this process is to choose the right storage unit. It is important to know where your wooden furniture will be stored, in what conditions.

A wooden desk.
Wooden furniture is heavy and sensitive to humidity, that’s why you should prepare everything before storing

One of the best solutions is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Also, you must check the humidity level. It should not be higher than 50%. If you are moving into a smaller apartment and you don’t want to get rid of your items, renting a storage unit is a safe option.

Renting a storage unit when moving

Many people are renting a temporary storage unit when moving. For example, their home is not finished yet, or they did not find a perfect home to rent\buy, etc. Choosing the right kind of moving assistance in Columbia, SC is the key in this situation, because if a moving company can offer you packing services too, it is a big plus.

Mold on the storage wall.
In a storage space where your items will be stored, there should not be leaks, mold, and mildew. Check it before you rent a storage unit

This way you won’t have to deal with preparing furniture for moving and storing. Movers have experience and knowledge, so you can focus on other moving-related things. Packing and moving large furniture is not easy, and having professionals on your side is a big advantage.

Storing wooden furniture in your garage or a basement

Another option you have is to store your wooden furniture in your basement or a garage (of course if you have one of these rooms in your home). So, you don’t have to pay rent for a storage unit. But, you should also check humidity, especially in a basement and to prepare the furniture and to protect it. If you want to sell your house, this is not probably the best idea, because you want to make your home decluttered and attractive to potential buyers. A mess in a basement or garage will maybe turn them down.

Checking the temperature and humidity before you store your wooden furniture.
Check the moisture in a room where you plan to store your wooden furniture. The humidity level should not be high or your furniture will be damaged

Prepare storage and store your wooden furniture

How to store your wooden furniture and how to prepare a space where your furniture will be? Before you start, we have tips that will help you and keep your furniture safe. Now when you have a storage space it is time to take the next steps.

Unorganized wooden furniture in a garage.
Organize your space and don’t make clutter

Clean your storage space

The first step to take is to clean your storage space. A garage, basement, or a storage unit you rented. It does not matter. The important thing for storage space is to be clean and dry.

Check if there are any leaks, check the humidity, clean the dust, make enough space for your furniture, create shelves if needed, etc. If you don’t know where to start with cleaning or you need to finish it faster, ask for help. Ask friends or hire professional cleaners.

Disassemble furniture

Now it is time to work on your wooden furniture and to prepare it. Everything that can be disassembled, should be disassembled before storing it. This will minimize the risk of damages and you will lift the furniture easier. Remove table legs, headboards, take apart your bed, remove dresser drawers, etc.

After disassembling, collect screws and ut is in one bag, so you won’t lose them. Label the bag and that’s it.

Clean and wax

If the storage space is not climate-controlled, you need to wax your wooden furniture, in order to protect it. The furniture will not dry out because of the wax on the wooden furniture that work as a layer of protection.

If you need to store a bed or sofa (or any other wooden furniture that has fabric cushions), use antibacterial wipe for fabrics and wipe these surfaces. Make sure they are completely dry before you store your wooden furniture. Even the smallest moisture can be fatal.

Wrapping and protecting

If you are storing items for a longer period of time, this step is very important. Especially sensitive items.

Now when your wooden furniture is disassembled, cleaned, waxed, and completely dry, it is time for wrapping. You can use plastic wrap and wrap each piece of furniture. Then secure it with a tape and your furniture should be protected and safe. Use shrink wrap is the storage is not climate-controlled, and wrap it twice, just in case.

Cushioning will prevent dings and scratches on your wooden furniture and pads and blankets will work just fine.

Leave enough room in a storage unit

Don’t declutter a space where your furniture is stored. Store your wooden furniture in order and don’t make a mess. One piece of furniture can be pressed up against another piece of furniture, which can cause damages. Also, don’t put heavier pieces of furniture on top of smaller and lighter ones. Make a plan for how to pack your storage unit and use the most of it.

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