Tips for purging your closet

Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. The problem becomes apparent when we prepare to move. We become overflown with things we have forgotten about and don’t even use. The same is with clothes. We tend to gather pieces that we wear on a few occasions and then forget about them. In some cases, we even tend to get attached to certain items of clothing and can’t seem to get rid of them. Then we start hoarding until our closets get stuffed. This is why it’s important to clean out your closets from time to time. So, how to go about it, and what are the tips for purging your closet?

Why purge your closet?

Purging should be done from time to time. Preferably you should do it once a year. Most people do not do it regularly but tend to do it when it can’t be put off any longer like when they move. The reason to purge is to keep things tidy and organized. Purging the closet will free much-needed storage space and help you navigate through your clothing. It will also help you keep everything well organized. If you purge when you have to move, the purge will make your move more organized. It will be safer, easier, and simpler, not to mention less expensive and faster.

Clothes lined up on hangers and neatly arranged after purging your closet.
We all tend to accumulate a lot of stuff so from time to time you should purge your closet

How to do it

Purging your closet can be an activity that is hard but needed. We get overrun with clothing that we don’t even wear but get attached to. This means that we must set our emotions aside and be ruthless with the purge. Focus only on the facts. Does it fit, is it still stylish, is it in good condition? So here are some steps to take:

  • Empty out your closets
  • Separate and sort
  • Organize

Empty out

The first step is clear, empty everything. Gather all of your clothes in one place from every part of the house. Gather the items you have not worn in a while or just a couple of times to see if they still fit. If they do not they are a prime candidate for purging. This is the first step so don’t skip it. It will be the start of your purge and, if you are moving, the first step for moving preparation.

T-shirts neatly arranged on hangers.
Make sure to be realistic when purging your closet or even cruel if needed


Separating your clothes into piles is the second step. The advice is to separate everything into three piles. Sort what you will keep, throw out, or give away or donate. This system will help you be fast and efficient when organizing your closet purge or planning your move. The things that fit and are in line with your style are to be kept. Make sure to be realistic and keep just one of the similar items you may have. Do not clutter your closets with the same pieces. This will also help you when your movers like Smooth Transitions get to work packing and loading your belongings for your move.

If you haven’t worn certain items in a while or even only once or twice consider getting rid of them. If they don’t fit or you don’t like them anymore consider other options. Give them away to friends and family that might want to use them. Otherwise, make a donate pile and give them away to shelters and social institutions to people that need them. The things that are worn out will always be in the trash pile.


After these steps, assess what you have left. Gather the clothes that you have decided to keep and use the opportunity to organize. Put everything back in closets in well organized and packed. Make sure to use a system that will help you find everything easily. Try organizing by color to make sure you navigate your closet fast and with ease. Make your closet organization simple to simplify your life.

Color sorted c;othes on hangers
Make sure to organize an sort everything out

So, purging your closet is well worthwhile doing. Invest a weekend of your time to reorganize and purge your closets. It will help you make your life simpler and free up much-needed storage. Keep in mind to put sentiment aside and be ruthless and realistic during the purge.

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