Tips for overcoming culture shock when moving from Hong Kong to Colorado 

Moving to Colorado from Hong Kong can be a very stressful event. Even though you are looking forward to new experiences, there are doubts and fears. You begin asking yourself certain questions. Is it beneficial to leave my life in Hong Kong for Colorado? Will I miss my friends and family back home in Hong Kong? Finally, will I be accepted in Colorado, and can I adapt to the new culture? But don’t fret as Explorer of Realty Colorado is coming to your rescue with expert tips for overcoming culture shock when moving from Hong Kong to Colorado. With that said, let’s begin our journey!

Why moving from Hong Kong to Colorado is beneficial for you 

Before we get into tips on how to overcome the cultural differences of Colorado, let’s see why you should move there. Trust us – there are plenty of reasons to live and buy a home in Colorado as a newcomer.  

  • The first reason to relocate to Colorado from Hong Kong is the many outdoor activities. Colorado is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. No matter the season, you will find something to do in this glorious state. In the winter, there are endless ski trails, and in the summertime, you can spend time on the rivers. 
  • The second reason to come to Colorado is because of its stunning nature. While there are plenty of outdoor activities, they are even more fun in Colorado’s beautiful nature. Let’s name some of them. There is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state and a great place to hike. Another great nature spot is the Royal Gorge in Canon City, where you can spend your time rafting down the Arkansas River. These two locations are just the tip of the iceberg of the nature spots in Colorado. 
  •  Life in Colorado is for you if you live a healthy lifestyle. Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country in great part because of the abundance of outdoor activities and the beautiful nature that covers the state. 
lake and pine trees in the mountain, learn about moving from Hong Kong to Colorado
By moving from Hong Kong to Colorado, you will have a chance to experience the most beautiful nature sites in America.

If you want to come to Colorado, expert assistance is a must, so rely on interstate movers to help you. They know how to pack, meaning you can rest assured your items will survive the long trip from Hong Kong to Colorado.

Learn about the place you are moving to avoid culture shock

The number one way to not be stunned by a new culture is to learn about it and be prepared. There are plenty of places where you can learn about Colorado and the people of Colorado. Find out how they spend time and what their hobbies are. Besides learning about Colorado, focus on the place you are moving to from Hong Kong. For example, if you are moving to Denver, learn about the culture of Denver. Where the locals meet new people and what are the fun activities in Denver. The key thing is to get familiar with the neighborhood you are moving to so you at least have a basic idea of where everything is. 

woman looking at laptop
Learn about Colorado and the place you are moving to ease your moving stress and make it more comfortable to adapt to the new surroundings.

You will be missing home by moving from Hong Kong to Colorado

There is no cure for feelings, and when you arrive in Colorado, you will start to miss Hong Kong. You will miss the friends and family you left behind. But missing Hong Kong does not have to be negative. You can use your homesickness as a way to overcome the cultural shock. Keep in contact with your friend and family and talk with them regularly. They can be a great way to vent about your new life in Colorado and comfort you until you overcome the cultural shock and overcome your homesickness. In addition, by talking to them, you can always have a little piece of Hong Kong with you. 

Avoid comparing Hong Kong to Colorado 

The most detrimental thing you can do to slow down your acclimation to Colorado is to compare it with Hong Kong. If you are constantly in your head and saying to yourself, the food is better in Hong Kong or I had more friends in Hong Kong, you will never accept your new life in Colorado. Try and embrace the things for what they are and not approximate them with what you had in Hong Kong. 

Moving from Hong Kong to Colorado will be easier if you get out of your comfort zone 

As we mentioned, there are many activities to do in Colorado, and the best way to meet new people is to go out. Do not sulk in your room missing Hong Kong. Go out and explore your new home in Colorado. 

Since English is the official language in Hong Kong, there will not be a language barrier. Americans are friendly people, and you will not have a hard time talking to them. They will be sympathetic to your situation and offer to show you around town. As soon as you find a friend, you will start appreciating Colorado faster and begin to enjoy your new life. So get to Colorado with the help of trustworthy movers like Relosmart Movers who have experience with overseas relocation. Besides regular moving services, they might also be able to relocate your pets and bulky furniture problem-free to Colorado. 

cheerful Asian woman enjoying coffee and talking
The more time you spend in your room, the hard it will be to adapt to Colorado, so go out and meet new people as soon as possible.

Accept that it will take time to adapt to Colorado

When you start moving from Hong Kong to Colorado, you believe that the most difficult part will be the moving process. But when you arrive and complete the moving process you see that the troubles are just beginning. Researching Colorado can help you ease the adaptation process, but nothing beats experience, and it will take you time to feel like Colorado is your new home. You have to get used to your new job, the environment, find friends and learn about the new city before you can settle in completely. To make your relocation from Hong Kong to Colorado less difficult, make sure to create a checklist, though. We wish you good luck!

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