Tips for moving to a beach house in Florida

Are you planning on moving to a beach house in Florida? If you are, well congratulations! Moving to Florida, or pretty much anywhere else for that matter, is a big decision to make. But,  before you start thinking about all that sun and sand, make sure you are ready for the relocation. If you ever moved before, you know how complicated and stressful this process can be. If you have not, well, you are about to learn. But, do not worry, we are here to help you out and tell you all the tips and tricks you need to know about moving to a beach house in Florida. Thus, if you are interested, keep on reading.

Make a Detailed Plan

Making a plan is a key to having a successful move! But, not only that – in order to have a successful move, you must make that same plan ahead of time. A month or two in advance would be perfect. Start by deciding on your moving date and budget. Then, plan everything else accordingly. Decide whether you will be having a DIY kind of relocation or hire a moving agency like Authority Moving Group. Do not forget to gather all the necessary paperwork too. Get your medical records, transfer your utilities, bills, a driver’s license, etc. Moreover, if you are moving together with your family, try to involve them in the process of relocation too! You can, for example, split the chores and finish all the moving-related projects much faster and cheaper.

A woman writing a plan in her notebook regarding moving to a beach house in Florida.
Moving to a beach house in Florida does not have to be stressful. Just make a plan and stick to it.

Make Sure Your Florida Beach House is Ready

Before you start with any moving preparations (besides making a moving plan), make sure that your Florida beach house is ready for you to move in. Otherwise, the entire process of relocating and settling in your new dream home will soon turn into a nightmare. And, why is that? Well, maybe that beach house requires some work, some remodeling or redecorating. If any of those projects are big, trust us, you will be forced to sleep in a hotel and keep your belongings in a storage unit until everything is ready. That will cost you not only a lot of money but also a lot of energy and time. So, save yourself from that trouble, finish all the work and prepare your new home for moving in. If you do not have experience with this part, hire a contractor!

Some beach houses in Florida.
Visit your new household before moving in for good. Bring a contractor with you too!

Declutter and Organize Your Belongings

And, once you make sure that your new Florida beach house is ready for you to move in, it is time for decluttering and organizing. Yes, this is a tiring process and one that we all hate. But, it is something that has to be done sooner or later.  And, trust us, it would be much better for you to declutter your belongings before you move, not after. Why? Because the fewer items you pack, the less expensive and complicated your move will be. Moreover, this will make your life soo much easier after moving too! Thus, you know what to do. A couple of weeks before moving to a beach house in Florida, gather cardboard of boxes and plastic bins, and start organizing all your belongings. For example, take those boxes, and put your belongings in them as follows:

  • Keep – In this box/bin put all the items that you plan on taking with you to your Florida beach house. Be selective! Pack only what is absolutely necessary for your life there.
  • Donate – In this box/bin put all the items that are in good condition but that you no longer need.
  • Sell – In this box/bin put all the items you no longer need but that can bring you some cash. Organize a garage sale or sell the items online.
  • Throw Away – In this box/bin put all the items that are damaged or simply useless.

Hire a Professional Moving Agency

As previously mentioned, the less stuff you have the cheaper your move will be. So, make sure you decluttered your entire home before you hired a moving agency. Of course, you can move all by yourself too, but be sure that that will require a lot of your time, energy, nerves, and money. So, if you want to avoid all of that and if your budget allows it, hire a moving agency. Professional movers will ensure that all your belongings are properly packed and that all your household furniture transported safely to your new address. Your only job will be to decide what needs to be packed and what needs to be left behind. That is it!

Moreover, if you want to save money on moving services, you can! How? By hiring movers ahead of time. Book them before others, and you will get a lot of discounts. So, ask your friends and family members for recommendations, or look for movers online.

A person carrying boxes.
Avoid heavy lifting! Hire movers to help you move properly and safely.

Stay Safe!

Last but definitely not the least thing to have on your mind when moving to a beach house in Florida is safety. As you are aware, the entire world is faced with coronavirus pandemic. So, it is of key importance to put your health first. Wear gloves and a mask at all times. Avoid contact with other people. When buying moving supplies, buy all of them in one go and avoid staying in stores for too long (make a list for a better and faster organization). Then, before moving in, be sure to disinfect and sanitize each and every item you in your new home. Pay special attention to doorknobs and light switches as those things all people touch constantly. Stay safe and be careful!

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