Things you should not pack in card boxes

Did you know that there are certain things you should not pack in card boxes? Of course, things like ammo, car batteries, flammables, etc., will not be handled by movers because they are dangerous for them and for the truck. But, there are some other things that you should not pack in card boxes because they will be dangerous for you. And, today, we will deal with the latter. So, if you want to find out what things should not find their way into your moving boxes, keep on reading.

Anything Liquid-y

Liquids – things you should not pack in card boxes! Why? Because if the liquids spill during transportation (which happens more often than you know), they will compromise the condition of everything inside the truck. All your belongings could get wet, or even worse, stained or dissolved. So, if you have to pack some of your liquids, make sure to pack them in plastic bins. And, even if you have to pack quickly for your move, make sure to double-check if all the liquids have been sealed shut and wrapped in plastic wrap!

Bottles for liquids - things you should not pack in car boxes.
Liquids are, without a doubt, things you should not pack in car boxes.

Expensive and Valuable Items

Things like expensive jewelry, valuable artwork, or family memorabilia you are emotionally attached to, are, again, things you should not pack in card boxes. Expensive jewelry should always be by your side. If you want to move valuable artwork, use custom-made crates instead of card boxes.

And, if you want to move family memorabilia, hire some movers such as those from Castle Rock Moving Services to help you out and provide you with the best packing solution. It is always best to hire professionals when dealing with fragile, bulky, and valuable items.

A cardboard box with 'fragile' sign on it.
Never put expensive and valuable items into card boxes.

Cash and Documents

You don’t need us to tell you that cash is also one of those things you should not pack in card boxes. To keep your cash safe, just transfer it to your card. And, when it comes to your documents, keep them by your side. You never know when will you need that passport or that medical record. Moreover, don’t forget to keep all your ‘moving’ documents by your side too. You may need them on your moving day!

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