Things to know before buying a home in Colorado Springs

Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies of all US states. That’s why so many people consider investing in this state in one way or another. And the property investment is always the best solution. Especially the real estate. Therefore, if you are one of those investing in Colorado, specifically Colorado springs, we are here to help you do that. You’re aware that you can’t buy a home just like that. Not in terms of purchasing it. That’s the easy part. What is important besides that is- having the information! And the information is what Erealtyco continuously gives you. Here we are to inform you about the things to know before buying a home in Colorado Springs.

Because, when you’re buying a home in Colorado, or anywhere else, you need to know what is the life like there. And here you’ll learn about the place where you intend to purchase a residential real estate- Colorado Springs. So you shall be ready to start a new life once you move to your fresh home. And there is a lot to learn before you buy a property in Colorado Springs. So, let’s start!

Buying a home in Colorado Springs- enjoy the nature!
If your desire is buying a home in Colorado Springs, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the nature!

Buying a Colorado Springs residential real estate– what’s to know

Why buying a home in Colorado Springs is a good idea

  • Great outdoor possibilities for fun- When you buy a residence in Colorado Springs, you’re near parks, rolling hills, mountains, rock formations, waterfalls and so much more.
  • Healthy life- Connected to the previous constatation-If you have so many opportunities to enjoy in nature, your life will be so much healthier.
  • So affordable- Although Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado, after Denver, it is one of the most affordable cities by home prices in the States!
  • You may fully experience every of four seasons- Each season you like, you can enjoy in it if you purchase a real estate in Colorado Springs.
  • Small town spirit- Even though Colorado Springs has a population of around 400.000 people, it still hasn’t lost the spirit of a small town community. Visit neighbours, or go to the centre of the city just after you purchased the house, and you’ll see how you will be welcomed in Colorado Springs!

Important information about Colorado Springs for those buying a home

Buying a home in Colorado Springs is easy- you’ll need to get used to the thinner air

Buying a home in Colorado Springs- Moving to a place with a very thin air
Colorado Springs is almost 2000m above the sea level, check if you can adjust to the thinner air

You know how high above the sea level Colorado Spring is. If you don’t, we’ll tell you that it is 1840m on average. That’s why the air here is probably much thinner that you got used to. So, we suggest visiting Colorado Springs prior to investing in residential real estate here. Come and see if you’d be able to adjust to climate conditions here. You don’t want to rush into spending your money on such a big investment as buying a housing in Colorado Spring is. Check everything, and if it fits you, we’ll be very glad to say that choosing to invest in Colorado Springs is one of the best decisions you ever made!

Prepare for big temperature changes in Colorado Springs, the place of your new home to buy

You’ll need a jacket wherever you go. Whenever you go. The climate of Colorado Springs is very ‘moody’. So you could get out of your home, wearing a t-shirt, and suddenly the clouds could appear, and the wind blowing that strong that you could be frozen in a second! 

This is also the important thing to be aware of when

Buying a home in Colorado- Getting near the Tesla's laboratory
If you purchase a residential real estate in Colorado Springs, you’re coming to a home of Nikola Tesla’s laboratory for studying the electricity

considering the real estate investment in Colorado springs. Talking about the Colorado Springs climate, we must say that it is one of the most active lightning strike areas. That’s the reason why famous Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla selected it to be home for his laboratory for studying the electricity.


Newcomers to Colorado Springs should work on their fitness

Buying a Colorado Springs realty, you’ll be able to be close to Olympic sportsman and sportswomen(being that it is home to U.S. Olympic Committee, the U.S.

Buying a home in Colorado Springs- Coming to a city of fit people
Buying a home in Colorado Springs, you’re coming to a city of professional and recreational sportsman and sportswomen

Olympic Training Center and the Olympic Museum. But regardless of that, almost everyone in Colorado Springs is fit. So, in case you want to fit in, which, as a new resident, you should, you’ll need to adopt a sports way of life! Get fit to be able to fit in Colorado Springs. That could be a sort of advice we could give you. If you’re buying a Colorado Springs house planning to live here.


About the orientation- Colorado Springs is leaning to the right

Buying a home in Colorado Springs, you’re moving to the place of many churches. White people are taking the highest part of the population. Military presence is felt on every step you take. The matter of fact is that one of three inhabitants of Colorado Springs depends directly or indirectly upon the military.

So, coming to Colorado Springs, and making it a place of your new home, be aware that you’re coming to be part of the people of a conservative way of thinking. Think about that, and see if it suits you. Don’t invest in residential realty in Colorado Springs until you figured out it will be a good deal for you. We do suggest that it is a good idea, but we also want you to think about what you want, and shall you get it coming here. People are different. Who knows if you like what we like.

Money aspects of buying a home in Colorado Springs

The average income is pretty much good in Colorado Springs- 29.500$ per capita. The unemployment rate here is below the USA average- 4.5%, with the forecasts of furtherly falling. Another great information is that almost all economic data forecasts are optimistic!

Also, the median home price is not that big here, especially when compared to earnings. The median home price in Colorado Springs is somewhere around 230.000$. The forecasts are that it will grow at least 4% during this (2017) year. So, whether you’re buying a home to stay, or to resell it, the investing in a housing realty in Colorado Springs is a good idea.

In the end, watch what your life could look like if you buy a home in Colorado Springs:

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