The challenges of senior relocation and how to overcome them

No matter the age, relocation comes with many challenges and sometimes those challenges are really hard to overcome. Moving is a process that is money, time, and energy consuming. And, if you are a senior you also have to face many changes such as downsizing, moving away from your family home, saying goodbye to everybody you have known so far and similar. But, there are many reasons why seniors decide to move. Maybe they are retiring, or maybe they want to live closer to some family members or to live in a place with a more comfortable climate because of some health issues. These are all legitimate reasons worth relocating. But, bear in mind that senior relocation is not a one-day job. It requires a lot of preparation. Keep on reading to find out more about senior relocation.

Start Planning Ahead of Time

As previously mentioned, senior relocation is a process that comes with many challenges. And the best way to overcome those challenges is by starting to plan every detail of the move ahead of time. At least start thinking about it. First, make a decision about your new home. Bear in mind that you will need something smaller and more convenient and comfortable. That means that you must find a place that is equipped with all the equipment seniors need. And it must be somewhere close to your relatives, close to the hospital as well as all the amenities. Then, decide who will help you out. As a senior, you can not move by yourself. Either hire professional movers or ask friends and family for help. If however, you are children who are trying to relocate their parents, it would be a good idea to hire movers. That is the best way to help your aging parents relocate.

Two seniors walking - senior relocation
Senior relocation does not have to be a challenge. As long as you plan for it on time, you will be fine!

Find a New Home

If you are a senior trying to start your new life somewhere else, or if you are an adult trying to relocate your parents, one thing is for sure – start by finding a new home! Like we mentioned in the previous article, you must find a home that is suitable for seniors. That means, it should be either a one-story house or an apartment with an elevator. This can be a challenge, especially if senior plans on living alone. So, in this situation, choose an apartment. It is better for many reasons. Living in an apartment comes with many advantages for seniors. They will be close to many neighbors and always have company. Moreover, they will not have to worry about maintaining the whole house, as a one-bedroom apartment will be more than enough. And lastly, living in a building means being close to many supermarkets, banks, post offices, hospitals, parks and similar.

an elderly couple walking
Try to find a home that is close to green surfaces and park. They are great for meeting new people.

Equip the New Home

Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your new home, that it is one of the biggest moving mistakes. So, after you have decided where you want to live, that is either in a house or in an apartment, it is time to make that home more suitable for your needs. That means buying all the necessary equipment for seniors.  For example:

  • Easy Use Fixtures – These are oversized light switches and levers replacing or installed over faucet knobs.
  • Grab Bars and Rails – Installed in bathrooms and hallways. they help seniors move easily.
  • Lighting – Invest in better lighting to provide better security and visibility.
  • Non-Skid Strips – Place them in any room that has a slippery floor.
  • Secure the carpets  – Make sure that the edges of carpets in each room are secured to the floor.
  • A stool – Having a stool in the bathroom can really help with bathing.
  • Security Systems – Invest in good quality security systems, especially if you will be living alone.


Relocation for seniors means moving to a lot smaller home as it is much easier for elders to live in. And when you are moving to a smaller home you must downsize first. So, ask your friends and family members to help you out. If you know the right dimensions of your new home, then it will all be much easier. You will know exactly what pieces of furniture and equipment you must bring. Everything else that is left, should be either given away, sold, or donated. Do not get over-sentimental about material things. Everything is replaceable. Bring only what is irreplaceable and extremely valuable to you. This includes and pieces of art you may have and want to keep, photos, jewelry, or some family belongings. Moreover, you do not have to bring all of your clothing. Check the weather conditions in your new home and pack accordingly.

A pile of boxes.
Do not bother with bringing every little knick-knack you own. You will not have a place for that.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving does not have to be hard, daunting and an overwhelming process. It is true that senior relocation comes with many challenges, but you can easily overcome them if you hire help. Professional movers are trained and experienced people who know how to move anybody and anything. You do not have to worry about packing and unpacking, moving heavy items, loading the truck, securing your belongings and all other things that come with moving. Leave the job to the professionals.  They will do everything and you do not have to lift a finger. Your only concern should be finding a new home and saying goodbye to your neighbors.

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