The best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto

When you are starting a new life, you have to find a perfect location to do so. Anyway, in Canada, a place that might be perfect for foreigners is, of course, Toronto. So, to find the right spot to be your home in this city, you need to know what are some of the best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto! 

However, if you want to become a resident of Toronto, you have to do your best to prepare for this mission. Before anything, do lots of homework about the relocating process you have to perform as an ex-pat. Also, check out moving to Toronto – pros and cons, tips that can help you when househunting, settling down. Only when you equip yourself with information about this transition, you will be ready to complete one!

Downtown Toronto has plenty of reasons to be one of the best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto

Everything you require to have a fresh start as an ex-pat, you can find in Downtown Toronto. This neighborhood has numerous residential, business, entertainment, and many other opportunities. In other words, whatever you need, you can get it easily in this place.

Anyway, to come to Downtown Toronto, you have to get ready for the big move. Just find a perfect part of the neighborhood to be your home, and look for assistance in the area to help you relocate your belongings there. You see, working with Downtown Toronto movers will make your moving process over in no time. These people will help you transfer your items safely, and they will do everything else you need to settle down without stress!

Downtown Toronto is one of the best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto.
The first location you should check out is Downtown Toronto!

West Queen West

If you are looking for something different, well, you should check out a neighborhood named West Queen West. This place is home to many ex-pats, hipsters, artists, young professionals, young families, pet owners, etc. West Queen West has pretty great options when it comes to residential properties. Even though you are a foreigner, you can easily find a house that will fit your demands. So, if you want to experience what else this neighborhood has to offer, you should begin working on your move immediately. Get professionals like Movers Toronto to help you relocate your items and prepare for exploring the new environment. West Queen West is filled with bars, cafes, colorful streets, and many other things.

A man with a backpack in a city.
Make sure to consider everything when searching for one of the best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto. Only then, you will be able to find the area to be your home!


One more spot you should check out is Yonge–Eglinton. This amazing part of Toronto will offer you many amazing things. Yonge–Eglinton is known for its business center and its many retail stores. Apart from that, the neighborhood is home to young professionals and young families. So, if you have plans to start a career in Toronto or if you need a place to settle down with your kids, you should know that Yonge–Eglinton will be a perfect choice. Anyway, if you like these things, well, you can begin with moving preparations. Just learn more about this neighborhood, organize the move, and find out how to throw a memorable house warming party after the relocation.

Some other best expat-friendly neighborhoods of Toronto

  • Kensington Market
  • North York
  • The Junction
  • Yorkville
  • Queens Quay

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