Should you buy a house in California this year?

In every person’s life comes that moment when we wish to have something of our own. Renting is a great solution, especially because it gives you freedom. But at some point, you just want to stop paying for somebody else real estate and invest in your own. Remember how we used to draw houses when we were kids? There was always a nice little house with a garden, fence and a sun above. Well, this sounds a lot like California houses. Wondering should you buy a house in California this year? Let’s give it some thought.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

You don’t know? Well, better find out then, before you buy a house. Just kidding. The thing is, nobody really knows where he will be in 10 years. So don’t be afraid of this question. What you probably do know, is where you would like to be. Do you see yourself raising a family in a small town by the ocean? Or making a crazy successful carrier somewhere in the midst of San Francisco or LA? Thinking about this will probably not change your decision to buy a house in California, but will help you determine the location.

 Buy a house in California. Beautiful house with yard, by the ocean captured.
If you are seeking to have something of your own, it’s time to buy a house.

House can pay for itself

Maybe you see yourself sipping espresso in Italy? Well, you can order the pasta too, because your rented house in California is paying not just your mortgage, but your lifestyle as well. The point is, having your own house is full of benefits. And if that house is in Golden State, then lucky you.

Get it before it’s gone

Well, you are not the only want dreaming of California house. Therefore, be aware that real estate prices are going to the roof in the next couple of years. You should not rush with such a big decision, but the sooner the better. If you make a deal in the next couple of months, you will catch the last moment to buy a real estate at a lower price.

Lighthouse on the pier.
The iconic Walton lighthouse in Santa Cruz.

Best places to buy a house in California

If you are about to move to California from another state you will be absolutely delighted. But also, you need to make a big research about costs of living. Prices are very different, and communities as well. Every single place has its own story, you should pick the one that suits you the best.

Affordable places to buy a house in California

  • Santa Cruz is definitely one of the best cities to live in. This a small, laid back, hippie city with rich surfing culture is a real gem of the northern California coast. It is a home of all sorts of arts. Its little center is full of art shops, bookstores, vinyl record stores, and surf shops. All houses are built close to the ocean and most of them have a wide garden with palm trees. Weather is mostly sunny, and beaches are unreal. And the best of all is that real estate prices are significantly lower than in the bigger cities. Also, large business centers as San Jose and San Francisco are just an hour away.
  • Many people think Sacramento’s best attribute is that it’s close to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Although constantly overshadowed by cosmopolitan places in its own state, Sacramento is undergoing a transition. Technological and cultural developments are breathing new life into the California capital. Also, prices are very affordable, much lower than San Francisco.

    Should you buy a house in California this year? White house with a big driveway and lawn.
    Suburban life in California.
  • Beaumont is located in the mountainous region near San Bernardino County. The name means “beautiful mountain” in French, and it really is. It is a recreational center and place of unspoiled natural beauty. Besides that, it’s currently one of the fastest growing cities in California.
  • Santa Barbara is fairly small, but beautiful city by the coast. With its peaceful atmosphere, lovely weather and the beach makes the perfect place for family.

More expensive but exquisite places

  • San Francisco. This city doesn’t even need a description. When you are thinking to buy a house in California, San Francisco is probably one of the first places that come to your mind. Everyone wants to live here. Embarcadero, Pier 23, Golden Gate Bridge and park, Lombard Street, Alcatraz, and sea lions are just some of its attractions. This city has something for everyone. But it also requires a deep pocket. If you can afford a house in San Francisco, don’t hesitate to buy it.
Blue house with a violet tree in front of it. Buy a house in California.
Vivid colored house in San Francisco.
  • For the ones that want to be in the center of attention, LA will be a promised land. If you are in show business, living here will be a great benefit for your career. Interestingly, not many people know that LA is also family friendly. It is expensive, but not as much as you think. Santa Monica has actually some affordable real estates. Finally, this sprawling, glamorous, change-obsessed place is something to behold.
  • Life is not a fairytale, people always say. But the ones who refuse to accept that should buy a house in Carmel by the sea. Nestled on one of California’s most scenic part of the coast, this dreamy place is famous for its enchanted storybook setting. Houses inspired by Disney movies and ‘Lord of the rings’, along with breathtaking beach are almost too perfect to be real. It’s former mayor, Clint Eastwood made a heck of the job making this place an escape from reality.
Captured sea lion in the splashing water.
Sea lions will be your neighbors from the ocean.

 How much money do I need?

Conventional wisdom says you should put down as much as you feel comfortable to buy a house in California. Apparently, more is better than less. But you shouldn’t wipe out your savings account to do it. Remember that life goes on after buying a home and so do your living costs. Moving is not free either. Hiring affordable Verified Movers will save you some money. But this is still a cost you shouldn’t forget. Also, you will still need to have funds set aside for rainy days. So basically, don’t be cheap but don’t empty your pockets either. Try to find a golden mean.

Buying cheaper than renting?

According to a recent study, to buy a house in California is cheaper than renting nowadays. Interestingly,  the statewide average monthly rent happens to be higher than the average mortgage payment among homeowners.

3 houses in a steep street.
San Francisco steep streets and it’s beautiful houses.

Home, sweet home

To buy a house in California is a decision that requires a lot of courage and effort. But all the good things in life do. So, keep your eyes open and your wallet closed. Only after you consider several offers and actually visit the cities you want to live in, you can make a deal. Enjoy your California dream.

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