How to sell your house fast – tips and tricks

Selling a home is never easy. Even though technology has developed a lot – the real estate industry hasn’t changed and it remained quite traditional. That’s why the situation is even more complicated if you have a restricted time frame to sell a home. The reasons are many – family problems, a sudden job opportunity in another state or city, etc. Whatever is the reason – you don’t have a lot of time to sell your home. Luckily, there are ways to accelerate the whole process and buy a new home in no time. Here are some main tips and tricks on how to sell your house fast and make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

Revisit the price tag if you want to sell your house fast

If you need to sell your house fast – you shouldn’t expect to get more money than the real price tag of your home.  Seeling a home quickly can also mean you need to reduce the price tag – lowering the price will attract the buyers much quicker than any other quality your home might have. If the price is lower, the buyers will be willing to forget about some negative points and buy the house faster.

Contact a wholesaler

Most of the house transactions happen by using cash. It means that there’s no waiting for a bank to approve your loan, etc. That’s why selling a house to a wholesaler would mean to sell your house fast. Unfortunately, don’t expect a top dollar here. It’s not going to be the best deal, but also not the worst, too. And what’s most important – it will be fast. It’s not that easy to find a good wholesaler, so be sure to use websites dedicated to these kinds of deals, Craigslist, Facebook posts, and ads, etc.

Choose a top selling realtor

A professional and experienced realtor should know the fastest way to find buyers for your home, That’s why you need to do some research and choose a real estate agent who knows what he is doing. Furthermore, you can expect a higher price point when you decide to sell your home with the help of a real estate agent. Another advantage of hiring a realtor is when you decide to buy another home – you will do it much faster, too. To find a good real estate agent, do the online research and look for the top realtors in your area. Check the online reviews and ask the people you know for recommendations so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

a realtor giving the key to a man
If you need to sell your house fast – contact the professional.

Transfer the mortgage

One way to sell your house fast or even leave it that way and rent it – is to transfer the mortgage to someone else. Revisit your mortgage documents and find out if your mortgage can be assumed by someone other than you.

Choose the selling season to sell your house fast

If possible, choose the time to sell your home, since it means you will do it much faster. Spring and autumn are traditionally good times to sell a home, so if possible put your house on the market then. Of course, if you decide to sell your Colorado home in winter, be sure to read the tips on how to prepare for that challenge and you will be as successful as in other, more popular seasons.

Make your home look as good as possible

Making your house attractive to the buyers leads to a fast transaction. Of course, you don’t have a lot of time and you may not have a big budget, but there are some quick and easy things to do to drive your sale forward.


Nothing is less appealing than a lot of unnecessary items around your home. Take a couple of days to declutter and get rid of the items you no longer need. Sell or donate the items you won’t be moving with you, and recycle or throwaway items nobody can use. Your home will look much bigger and cleaner and therefore more attractive to the potential buyers.


When selling a home, you need to make sure that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. That’s why you need to personalize the house you need to sell – remove all the souvenirs, photos and any other personal items, If necessary, find a temporary storage space to store the items you will later pack for moving.

Fix the light

A dark home looks smaller and less beautiful. Therefore, be sure to add some light to it. You can:

  1. Replace the broken bulbs
  2. Add some more light fixtures and lamps if necessary
  3. Remove dark curtains 
  4. Use light-colored drapes, rugs, beddings, pillowcases
  5. Mirrors can help a lot and be a great decor detail 
  6. Don’t forget exterior lights – it gives out the feeling of an elegant and a safe home. Add some path lights which are often inexpensive but really give out a welcoming effect.
fixing a light bulb
Light can give a whole other tone to your home – be sure to use it wisely.

Refresh your home instead of investing in expensive renovation

Of course, expensive house renovation can sell a home easily. But if you don’t have time or money so you can sell your house fast, consider doing smaller tasks (possibly DIY) to refresh your home.


You can always update the color scheme of your walls. Paint the rooms in light colors, adding a pop of color here and there. Furthermore, you can add some wallpapers to specific walls – quick and easy thing to do but can really refresh the looks of a room.

painting the wall to sell your house fast
Painting your rooms will refresh them and help you sell your house fast.

Take care of the outside

Outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Therefore, step outside and see what are the things you can fix or change regarding the house exterior. You can wash or paint the windows, mow the lawn, remove dead plants and unnecessary tools and other items.

Tidy your kitchen and bathroom

A tidy home is very important to future buyers. Therefore, be sure to keep the dishes, sponges, food or rubbish away from the kitchen areas. The same goes with the bathroom – remove all the toothbrushes, unused cremes, and other cosmetics, razors, soaps, etc. Another very important thing is the smell. You need to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and smelling nice.

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