Safest Denver neighborhoods

Denver is in the top-10 best US state capitals for life. Despite this fact, it is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. Its crime rate is many times higher than the national median, especially for violent crimes such as murder, rape, and assault. Car thefts and house robberies are also alarmingly high in Colorado’s capital, according to the FBI statistics. But, there are few safest Denver neighborhoods where you can start your new life.  Remember: even in a rather dangerous environment, you can find peaceful havens. And knowing them as a newcomer to Denver is crucial before making Denver your new home. And that’s why we are here for you.

How do you find the safest Denver neighborhoods?

Short answer: Official statistics and people’s experience.

Long answer:

The crime rate of each Denver neighborhood comes from the official Denver police data. They collect the number of crimes and then calculate the crime density per square mile in every neighborhood. Based on that you get the official statistics on the safest Denver neighborhoods, as well as the most dangerous ones.

Statistics are the most concrete way to prove something. But, hard as the evidence might be, it might not always be 100% true. For this reason, we have also turned to stories and experiences of locals. If someone knows what the safest Denver neighborhoods are, they do.

The list of top-5 safest Denver neighborhoods

5. Indian Creek

Crime density 2018: 188,19 per square mile

Indian Creek has always been in the top-5 safest Denver neighborhoods. Its crime rate is always below

Lot of seniors and families with kids live in Indian Creek, one of the safest Denver neighborhoods.
Indian Creek is one of the safest Denver neighborhoods for seniors and children.

average. Some statistics even rank it number one safest Denver neighborhood. It is a safe haven to raise a family as well, although it can’t offer many schools for your kids.

This bike-friendly residential neighborhood in East Denver is tailored for those who want some peace. Locals recommend buying a home in Indian Creek and not renting it, as house prices are reasonable here. You can buy a new house for a price below the national median value. There are a lot of seniors living in Indian Creek. However, there are very few businesses running here and very few schools. This is also not the greatest place to hang out in Denver, so it might be boring.

4. Marston

Crime density 2018: 176,03 per square mile

Although it is more of a suburb than a part of the city, Marston is yet one of the safest Denver neighborhoods. Notably, it is a safe place for women, as violent sexual assaults have not been reported here all year.

Marston may be far from Denver Center, and you will definitely need a car here. But it is well-equipped with all sorts of shops where you can find anything from food to furniture. There are a lot of places to eat here, including Italian, French, Asian restaurants. Marston is also a place for culture and history lovers with its historic downtown area, theatres and lots of live music events. It is a great place to go out with friends on Friday evenings, as it offers a great variety of pubs and bars.

3. Hilltop

Hilltop is as a top place for young families.
Hilltop is one of the safest Denver neighborhoods, attracting a lot of young families.

Crime density 2018: 156,70 per square mile

Hilltop is a beautiful cozy neighborhood in East Denver. It is a safe haven close to the city center, with lots of parks, schools, and places for entertainment. It has a great public transportation system and is also very bike-friendly. Internet users rate this neighborhood as a top place for young families. The only drawback is the housing price here. If your salary is average or below average, you need to reconsider moving to Hilltop.

2. Fort Logan

Crime density 2018: 139,19 per square mile

Fort Logan, It is a quiet remote neighborhood in the southwest of the city (you might need a car here.) It offers a palette of outdoor activities, like walking or jogging in its numerous parks. If you are a bit tight with the budget, Fort Logan is an option for you. Here you can buy a beautiful old-style brick house for a quite reasonable price.

Fort Logan might be a little boring, but it is the second-safest Denver Neighborhood. Its crime rate is below average. Fort Logan is an ideal place for families with children. Not only is it safe, there are also plenty of schools in this neighborhood.

1. Wellshire

Crime density 2018: 87,19 per square mile

With crime rate below Denver average, Wellshire is the safest Denver neighborhood to live in. There have been no reported murders and robberies since the last year in this part of Denver.

This is a peaceful, suburb-like neighborhood in the south of Denver. It may seem lulled and boring, but it is not true. Wellshire is close to the University of Denver and a number of parks. Public transportation is well developed here, but owning a car is also not a bad idea if you move to Wellshire. It offers plenty of entertainment, including shopping, jogging in parks, outdoor and indoor sports and a wide variety of restaurants. Besides its closeness to the University Wellshire has a lot of schools, making it home to many young people. Excellent for young newcomers who want to meet new friends when moving to Denver.

If you are looking for the safest Denver neighborhoods, Wellshire is definitely your choice!

BONUS: Denver’s 5 most dangerous neighborhoods

Union Station is definitely not among safest Denver neighborhoods.
Union Station is one of the most dangerous Denver neighborhoods.

To conclude, here are our top-5 dangerous Denver neighborhoods. Police have a lot of work here, as the crime rates are above average. New crimes are reported almost on a daily basis, including violent ones as well. If you are planning to settle down and find a home in Denver, you definitely need to avoid these five neighborhoods.


  1. North Capitol Hill

Crime density 2018: 3810.20 per square mile

  1. Union Station (LoDo)

Crime density 2018: 3833.71 per square mile

  1. Capitol Hill

Crime density 2018: 3887.57 per square mile

  1. Central Business District (CBD)

Crime density 2018: 5844.55 per square mile

  1. Civic Center

Crime density 2018: 6733.55 per square mile

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