Renting an office in Connecticut 101

With renting an office in Connecticut you can be sure you will get professionally equipped office space. In general, office renting is a growing business. So, it’s no wonder you can find a wide range of cost-effective real estate here. Essential service, coupled with furnished suites, and in combination with convenient locations are making Connecticut an ideal place for your business.

Why consider renting an office in Connecticut?

It’s not a secret that more than 19 Fortune 500 companies are having their offices in Connecticut. Usually, this means, they are here for a reason. Among many benefits of having your office in Connecticut, a highly productive and educated workforce seems like a major thing.

Great place for startups

Having lower starting requirements and expenses means this is a perfect ground for startups. With this in mind, small companies, entrepreneurs, and creative young starters are using this opportunity to invest. Particularly, since renting is more attractive than buying a property because of the initial fond.

Very nice and large startup office.
A great opportunity for startups.

Much fewer responsibilities if you choose to rent

Renting a furnished office space is like buying a complete product. The best thing is that you don’t have to bother yourself with trivial things like equipment, maintenance, or security. Let everything in the hands of professionals and focus on expanding your business.

Ready to go 24/7

It really doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation or just a small startup company, you can always find a commercial property in Connecticut. And, the best thing about this: they have full equipment with all the supplies and even additional administrative staff. That is, in case you need them. Choosing to move your office here means you won’t have to look too much for the best possible option. Furthermore, it means there will be a minimal delay and hold in your working process.

Some of the noticeable places

There are various top-notch places in Connecticut to rent an office. It would be too much to name them all. However, there are few that look very attractive for your new HQ or office.

Offices in Greenwich

Being in close proximity to New York City, with charming New England style, and pleasant living places, this is a top choice. Many large companies from different fields are making it their home. In fact, it is a beautiful place for both living and working.

Office space in Hartford

This city is one of the major league players in the international insurance industry. This central business district is a place of some huge residential and commercial undertakings. Which means, it has a bright and promising future. On the other side, it can be a great place for living, considering its rich cultural and historical scene.

Amazing green fields with flower bushes in Hartford.
When you have enough of the office you can always enjoy nature around Hartford.

Work-spaces in Stamford

Known for being one of the safest cities in the states, this city is also very close to New York City. Just like Hartford, Stamford is also home to some major companies. And, is one of the leaders in the international insurance industry making it a perfect place for renting an office in Connecticut.

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