Relocating from Denver to Santa Fe with toddlers – how to handle the move

Since moving long distances became a very common thing, a lot of people have started doing it. People move from one part of the country to another all the time. There are plenty of reasons for this. Some want to find a better job and live a better life, some are just curious about what is all out there and they want to meet new people and have new experiences. And some do it because of all of the above. There are no rules and luckily, moving long distances is possible. But it isn’t easy. Especially when moving with a toddler. Toddlers aren’t easy to handle although you might think otherwise. Especially when you are relocating your home from one state to another. Since we are a Colorado-based moving company that deals with long-distance moves, we have noticed an increase in people relocating from Denver to Santa Fe with toddlers.

There are plenty of reasons for you to do this but that is not what we are here to discuss. We wanted to make this process easier as much as we can by writing this short and simple guide with plenty of tips and pointers on how to handle relocating from Denver to Santa Fe with toddlers.

santa fe
Santa Fe is a great city for people with children.

A moving plan is a must-have

A very important thing to have when relocating from Denver to Santa Fe with toddlers is a moving plan. Your moving plan is your guide throughout the entirety of your relocation. That is if you manage to prepare like a professional and create a good moving plan. But fear not, the tips on creating a perfect moving plan are ahead of you!

You have to make sure that your plan contains all the information that is related to your moving process. This is the only way to make your plan your moving best friend. So, start by putting down the housing options in Santa Fe, even this is a part of the moving process. Calculate your moving budget. To calculate it you can just use common sense and any moving company website.

Most moving companies have moving estimates on their websites and they are usually free. This helps you calculate the expense of the moving company which you must hire. Don’t forget to include moving insurance in the cost as well as the packing supplies. A tip for your movers is a must as well. A moving budget will help you keep your finances in a good state as you’ll know exactly how much money you need. But it is always a good idea to set aside more than you expect to pay as you never know what can happen.

Planning is very important.

This moving plan of yours should also contain the dates, the tasks you need to do, and the things you need to buy. A packing plan is also worth making when relocating with a toddler. Here’s are a few packing tips:

  • pack one room at a time and leave the children’s room for last
  • set aside the things that you will store away in secure space for your possessions aka a storage unit
  • label your moving boxes for easier unpacking
  • make a list of your possessions so you know if something goes missing.

Hire professional moving assistance

Now that you have created a perfect moving plan all you need is some professional assistance. Moving isn’t easy. Especially when you are relocating from Denver to Santa Fe with toddlers. You need to divide your attention to give it to both the move and your children. And this isn’t an easy thing to do at all. Relocation is a complex process. But so is keeping your children sane while doing it. This is why you need to hire some professional assistance. There are plenty of moving companies out there such as that not only offer moving services but plenty of other helpful ones such as packing services.

Hiring packing services is also a good idea when relocating with a toddler. It will make the whole moving process a lot easier to handle. Plus, your belongings will be packed professionally which leaves less room for anything to break during relocation. And another plus is that hiring professional movers prevents property damage while moving out which is a thing that happens all the time.

Start preparing on time

One of the most important things is to start preparing for the relocation on time. No matter how long-distance the relocation is, preparing on time is necessary. There are a couple of reasons why. You never know what could come up would be the first reason why. Plenty of things could happen that could influence your moving preparation. This is why you should start preparing a couple of months in advance if you know you will be moving at one point in the near future.

Start organizing everything on time.

Some moving processes last longer than you think. That is exactly the case with packing your home. No matter how big or small your home is, packing it is going to last a couple of days. There are things you could do to make the packing process last shorter but it is best to pack nicely for a longer period of time. This way you will ensure that nothing will break during relocation. And if it does, this doesn’t have to be the movers’ fault. It could be that you just didn’t pack your belongings correctly.

Include your toddlers in the process

Moving with children isn’t easy but including them in the process can make it easier. Toddlers can make everything they do fun. And this is definitely something you should allow them to do. Let them pack up their toys, at least some of them. You can let them paint and draw on moving boxes. Make up small games and songs along the way. All of this will make the process much more fun for them which would mean that they will be enjoying the fact that you are relocating. This is the best way to prevent post-relocation depression that can occur in children especially, but in adults as well. So make your life easier after relocation by doing certain things before relocation.

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