Questions for your agent when selling a home remotely

With a present situation worldwide, that is dictated by the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, we do remotely many things. From increased food and grocery ordering to cloth shopping online. Many of us have started working from home, kids are attending school online. All these things are done remotely via the internet, but can you sell your home remotely? Actually, you can. For this remote job, you will need a real estate agent. There are questions to ask your agent before setting your home remotely.

Find the right assistance

Having an agent is essential when selling your home or buying your new residence. They can help you with many things, from setting the right price to the paperwork. Here are some questions for your agent when selling a home remotely:

  • Will you represent the buyer?
  • Home on the market
  • How did you get to the suggested list price?
  • Preparing for selling

Representing the customer

In many US states, one real estate agent can represent both sides, but you do not want an agent like this one? This is the way for them to fastest sell your home. Have in mind that they will not go for your interest or buyers, but their own in this case. I this case you should go and search for a new agent.

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Find the right agent

Settle position on the market

Marketing today is the essence of things, marketing is the one thing that sells the house. This can raise or lower your house value. This can increase demand which automatically increases the price even more, or lower the demand rating and lower the price. When you ask them about the way of marketing, you would want to hear a word like Property description, Staging, Multiple listing service (also known as MLS), photo and video editorial, advertising via internet, flyers, ads… This means that the agent knows how to advertise and will do the job properly.

What is the price?

You should have an idea of how much money your home is worth, but always ask the agent what is the price you should list your house. This is fine for starting a conversation and a starter for some other questions. Agents who know his job will justify briefly why he set that amount. They will start talking about square footage, Bedrooms, lot size, condition of the house, proximity to public services, proximity to road noise, will list school options nearby. This means they are good in what they do and not just inflating the price for no reason. These are important questions for your agent when selling a home remotely.

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Settle the right price

Staging your home

Preparation and staging of your home will increase its price. The appearance of the home will play one of the key roles here. A classical mistake is spending too much money on things that don’t matter. You want to spend the least possible amount. A good agent will walk you down your home and give you a list of things you should fix.

When you are selling your home remotely, don’t forget to ask your agent some questions about the important things. He should be your greatest assistance. Put some effort into this process, and consider your options.

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