How to protect your Florida property from wildlife damage

When you live in Florida, wildlife damage to your property is a regular thing. That is if you don’t take the necessary measures to protect your Florida property from wildlife damage. If you are planning on moving to certain parts of Florida where this kind of property damage happens, reading this simple guide is going to be very helpful. You need to protect your home and your family from the wildlife of Florida and here is where you will learn how to do just that.

Find out more information about wildlife in your surrounding

The first and the most obvious thing that you need to do is actually find out more about the place you are moving to. Not every part of Florida has the same wildlife and property damage in that manner. So, getting to know a bit more about the flora and fauna around you is necessary.

This is going to help you out a lot once it is time to actually do some protection of the property. This way you will know exactly which ones are necessary and about the best and most efficient ways to install this protection for your property. And you can hire Big Man’s Moving Company Florida for your upcoming relocation to Florida.

 A baby aligator.
Different parts of Florida deal with different wildlife.

Keep your pets safe

A lot of people in the country have pets of all sorts. If you do too, protecting them is also going to be important to you. Cats and dogs are considered to be easy prey for certain types of animals such as snakes and alligators. This is why it is important to keep your pets inside. This way both your family and your pet will be safe and sound even though you are surrounded by dangerous animals.

If you can’t train your dog to stay inside or you just want to take some extra measures of precaution, we have something for you too. You could install dog door fences in your home. If you have a cat, having nets on your windows is also a good idea. This is just an extra step in case you want to keep your pets extra safe and we suppose you do.

You must also have in mind that even if you have a backyard, it can still be unsafe for your pet to roam around freely there. A lot of the times the predators enter the backyard and sometimes even go inside the house. This could potentially be very dangerous for your family. In some parts of Florida, it is illegal to let your pet run freely without a leash.

Don’t ever feed the wildlife

A very important thing to remember when living in Florida is to never feed the animals of the wild. As they are animals, they are going to potentially remember where the food was and they might end up coming often. And even if that animal isn’t dangerous at all, you never know if there is something more dangerous following it and preying it. This is why it is important to teach your children to stay away from wild animals. Feeding them in the zoo is okay, but not in the wild.

Even though you might be tempted to feed the cute animals, you shouldn’t.

Build enclosures for your livestock

A lot of people in Florida have their own livestock. And that is completely fine but it can be very dangerous. If you plan on having livestock in Florida, you need to protect your Florida property from wildlife damage by building a livestock enclosure.

The best types of livestock enclosures are fully enclosed barns, pens, and sheds. You need them to be fully enclosed because the night is when most of the wild animals hunt for food. Openings on your livestock enclosures, such as windows, doors, or large gaps, can only be attractants. This way you are providing access for highly curious and hungry animals. This is just one of the things that make California better when talking about living in California vs Florida.

Remember to keep these enclosures away from trees and bushes where the predators could hide and climb. This is just an extra thing to have in mind when choosing where to place it. And if something bad ends up happening, remember that moving without trouble to all parts of Florida is possible and that not every part of Florida has the same wildlife issues.

A hen.
Make sure you also protect your livestock with enclosures.

Install frightening devices to protect your Florida property from wildlife damage

We’ve all seen scarecrows and that is exactly what you are going to need to if you want to protect your property. Scarecrows actually do a great job when you need to protect your Florida property. Having the ones that are moving constantly is the best way to make certain animals such as birds go away. 

Small traps

But there are plenty of other types of animals that don’t mind the scarecrows. What should you do then? If this is the situation that you are going to find yourself in, you need to get making small animal traps and putting them outside of your home. This way you will also catch any pests that might be trying to come into your home. Mousetraps and nets are the two best ways to catch animals that are ruining your garden. And if you don’t want to deal with all of this and ways to protect your Florida property, moving to Sunny Isles Beach is for you.

Security cameras

As nature is unpredictable and you never know what to expect, it is best to have security cameras. No matter what happens, you will have it documented. This will keep your family safe and protect your Florida property too. A lot of people have had wild animals scratching their doors and they weren’t aware of it. When you live in Florida, you can never be too safe. Doing all this before you actually move in is the best way to prepare your new home for moving in and living in it.

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