Pro packing tips for Colorado to Kentucky relocation

Moving is an exciting part of life that will bring joy when completed. But like anything worthwhile, it will take some effort to finish. We will not talk about the complete moving process but only about the most challenging task – packing. Explorer of Realty Colorado has pro packing tips for Colorado to Kentucky relocation. If you follow our tips packing for Kentucky will be the easiest part of your move. 

Get help with packing for Colorado to Kentucky relocation 

Our first trip to make packing less difficult is to have help by your side. There are two options when it comes to helping.

First, you can ask your friends for help. With friends, not only will the packing go faster, but it will be more fun; 

Second, you can find a moving company to assist with your packing. If you do not know where to look, look at what Strong-Ass Movers can offer you to make your relocation easier. Or look for any other moving company if you have any particular demands. With help by your side, your other moving tasks will be much easier. 

mover in front of moving van getting ready for a Colorado to Kentucky relocation
With movers by your side, the packing will go faster, and you will reach Kentucky in no time.

Take inventory of your Colorado home 

The second tip is to make an inventory of your household in Colorado because there are always items you won’t need to bring. Taking inventory will take between 1 to 4 hours, depending o the size of your home and the number of items. 

To make your inventory more organized, separate your items by room and type. You can write things down in a notebook or on your phone. When your list is complete, you will know how many items you have and if you have any extra stuff. For leftover furniture, get Kentucky furniture movers to transfer excess items easily from Colorado. They can disassemble your furniture, so it arrives undamaged to your new place in Kentucky.

Getting packing materials for your relocation 

Our third packing tip is to get new packing materials. Packing materials are the only way to prevent your items from getting smashed in the moving truck. The cheapest way to get packing materials is to order them online. It might take time for all the packing equipment to arrive. Therefore, you should order them at least a week before you decide to begin packing! Here are the essential items: 

  • Cardboard and plastic boxes;
  • Packing paper, furniture blankets, bubble wrap, packing peanuts;
  • Markers to label boxes;
  • Tape to close cardboard boxes. 

Packing your Colorado home 

To ensure your items arrive in Kentucky, do not overfill your moving boxes and line them with wrapping materials. As you are packing your Colorado household, label boxes as soon as you pack them. Finally, load the most significant boxes last in the truck so you can reach them as soon as you arrive in Kentucky. 

person labeling a cardboard box
Your Colorado to Kentucky relocation will be more comfortable with label boxes.

You are ready to pack for Kentucky 

If you follow our pro packing tips for Colorado to Kentucky relocation, you will not struggle. For any other moving-related questions or problems – contact us, and we will try and assist you.

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