Most popular Florida cities for retirees

What does every retired person think about when pondering the perfect place for retirement? A relaxed place with warm weather all year round, with easy access to the beach and diverse culture? Yes! And what better choice than Florida cities for retirees? The Sunshine State is famous for its mile-long beaches and picturesque landscape. The place has a lot of entertainment options for every age group. It is also known for its low cost of living. Very popular among retirees and that is what this article will be about. The best places to move to in Florida for retirees. So let’s dive in!

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Ready to move to one of the best Florida cities for retirees?


Orlando is one of the biggest cities in Florida. It is home to Disney World and many sports teams. Orlando move is one of the best choices because it has a lot of entertainment options and also very cheap housing. There are very many houses currently empty and waiting for you to turn it into a home! It is home to the Orlando Magic NBA team for all you sports enthusiasts. It is also home to the Orlando City SC soccer team. However, if you are a football fan, it is sad to mention that they do not have an NFL team, but the planned creation of the Orlando Apollos will probably be like a boom among the football lovers.

Tampa – one of the best Florida cities for retirees!

Tampa is a city on the western part of the peninsula with a very beautiful Tampa Bay. If you are more of a business person and find it hard to avoid work even during retirement, this is the place for you! Many retirees are moving to Tampa even though it is a busy city. It has many museums and theaters and with this the entertainment options are limitless for persons of any age. In the vicinity of the city, there are also popular tourist destinations like Clearwater and St. Petersburg. They are listed among some of the best places to visit in Florida, so you probably should not miss them, even if you do not move to Tampa, but somewhere else in the Sunshine State.

Tampa - one of the best Florida cities for retirees
Tampa has a lot to offer!

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is like one of those smaller picturesque towns created for relaxation. It is perfect for retirees because of the close proximity to the beach. This offers a lot to do for retired people. For sports fans, they have a minor league baseball team Daytona Tortugas (previously known as Daytona Cubs). The average house price is $147.000 which is very affordable. This makes Daytona beach one of the best Florida cities for retirees.

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Enjoy your life!


Sarasota is a small town north of Tampa which is famous for its art scene. The town’s architecture is very Spanish inspired, so be ready to see some beautiful buildings. There are also many great restaurants and one of the largest and best public healthcare facilities in the US. The city is located on the west of the peninsula and it is on the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. Close proximity to the beach is a very good thing if you want to retire here. However, the price of living here is a bit more costly, with the average house price being $275.000.


This town is located on the north of the peninsula and does not have easy access to the beach. However, this is the home of the University of Florida. People over the age of 60, can enroll in the college for free, and enjoy the wide plethora of educational possibilities. Besides this, there are many museums and art galleries for all art enthusiasts. The healthcare is also great as this was founded as a health resort, but it has spread its wings and went on to become a city. And if we may say, one of the best Florida cities for retirees!

St. Petersburg

The town we have already mentioned in the list located in Tampa Bay. The town architecture is very Spanish, so you can expect to enjoy the beautiful sights of foreign architecture. The city is small and very friendly to retirees because you can walk anywhere. Walking is great for your health and should not be underestimated. The cost of living is reasonable at about $250.000 average house price. If you yearn some big city fun, you are only a drive away from Tampa, where you can satisfy all your needs to hang around the big city. The town is famous for the Pinellas Trail, which is a park-like trail many people enjoy walking and biking through. It is also home to the Tampa Bay Rays, a Major League Baseball team, which will satisfy all your sports needs.


The town is famous for its clear air, and got a top grade from the American Lung Association. The healthcare is very developed and the place is a very famous destination among retirees. The price of living here is a bit higher, and slowly rising each year. The average price of a house is around $400.000, so you should think about moving here after you create a financial plan. It would not be enjoyable to go somewhere you cannot afford to live comfortably.

Winter Haven

This place is, as the name suggests, a haven for retirees. And one of the most wanted Florida cities for retirees! Earning its name because of a constant influx of people during the winter months, the place has a very nice climate that will make everyone enjoy their time here. It is famous for its lakes that are connected by canals. Because of the abundance of bodies of water, water sports are very popular here. The average house price is really low, standing at $110.000 and that is a great option for everyone who wants a cheaper option.


Wherever you decide to move to, it will be a good option. Florida is one of the best places to move to right now because of the beautiful weather and low prices of living. The final decision rests upon you to see what fits best. Consider each option and make the best decision possible. A relaxed life full of sunshine awaits!

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