Places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland

Moving from Colorado to Maryland can be a big change. This interstate move will bring you to one of the most interesting places in the US. This cradle of the US nation holds many surprises and many interesting things to see, feel and experience. As this state is so important in the history of the US there are many different places to see and admire. So, let’s take a look at the places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland and deal will all of the after-moving issues you may have.

Why move here

There is a whole list of reasons to move to Maryland today. They can be so significant as to influence ex-pats to move here. The city offers many great job opportunities. As the economy is booming it is easy to find the right job and advance your career. In addition, Maryland is close to Washington DC offering you the opportunity to see employment there and commute. The healthcare system is great. Schools and education are top-notch and there is a lot to learn about the history and heritage of the area. The area also holds great natural beauty and attractions. You can have diverse activities here from going to the beach to hiking in the mountains.

Baltimore downtown buildings
Baltimore is one of the cities to visit for sure.

So, moving here with the tips from can be a great decision. If you consider all of the attractions and places to see you will have your hands full after you complete the move. Here is the list of places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland.

  • Ocean City
  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis
  • Deep Creek Lake State Park
  • Frederick
  • Chesapeake Beach

Ocean City

Ocean city is one of the places that offer a lot to do. It is known for its food and especially seafood. At the same time, it offers some of the most beautiful views and outdoor activity options. You can bike, jog, or pay a visit to an amusement park. You can also go kayaking on the coast and enjoy some fresh seafood in one of the local crab shacks. So, Ocean city is a place that offers a lot to experience even on a short one-day trip to the city. This is why it makes the list of places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and the most important seaport on the Patapsco River. As the city is big it offers a lot of things to do and many cultural activities. It also has great nature in the surrounding area and offers plenty of outdoor activities. As such it is the place that offers the most and is the center of happenings in Maryland. The great thing about Baltimore is that it offers easy access to both the beaches and the mountains as well as all activities that they offer. In addition, it offers activities in the city itself with plenty of restaurants, shops, and iconic locations.


If you are into spending time on a beach then Annapolis is the place for you. This is a place that offers a lot of outdoor activities. As a place on the shore, it offers predominantly beech-related activities. Annapolis is connected to Chesapeake bay and is a popular tourist destination for swimming, crabbing, paddle boating, or just relaxing. Besides many great activities outdoors the place also offers the option to visit the Annapolis harbor and the Naval academy.

Forts in Baltimore
There is plenty of history and heritage to learn about

Deep Creek Lake State Park

One of the coolest places to visit here is Deep Creek Lake Park. It is a place that can keep you occupied all year round. In the summer months, you can have fun activities on the lake. This will include tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and much more. During summer you can also enjoy the fireworks display and Art at the Park events on location Winter offers some relaxation over at the frozen falls or on the frozen lake. You can also hiking or ice fishing.


Frederick will astound you with inspiring mountain views and the surrounding natural beauties. It is in the immediate vicinity of Washington DC and it offers a lot to see, experience and taste. The area is filled with orchards and renounced vineries. This makes Frederic one of the top places for wine lowers however that is not all. The city offers a visit to the Appalachian Trail you can visit local battlefields and some of the largest breweries. A person can spend a lot of time here relaxing and enjoying nature. A person can also start on a self-guided tour through the area in search of some of the greatest agricultural products you can find.

Chesapeake Beach

Know as one of the greatest recreational areas Chesapeake beach is a magnet for those looking to relax and enjoy nature. You can indulge in fishing and recreational activities within Chesapeake Beach Waters Park. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to taste fresh seafood. You can also go hiking, or spend some time in a Railway Museum.

Beach at Chesapeake is one of the places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland
You can really enjoy outdoor and sea-related activities

If you want more?

This list can never be complete. It should also encompass places like Patapsco Valley State Park, Hagerstown, Assateague Island National Seashore as well as Antietam National Battlefield, and much more. So it is clear that moving here can be a great idea and a decision that will open up many opportunities to enjoy the area and nature.

So, do not hesitate to move here. All is in your favor to help you with this endeavor. Local movers will be ready to offer professional moving services so you can settle in with expert help. Whatever you may need you can get from the locals. All you have to do is decide to move to Maryland to experience living here as well as local attractions.

In conclusion

There are many places you need to visit after moving from Colorado to Maryland. All the abovementioned make them a prime location for investing in real estate and settling in. After you move to Maryland they will be just a step away. So, be clear that living here will not be boring at all. The question is, will you have the time to see all you want?

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