Ontario guide for small business owners

The category of small businesses is differently defined in various countries. Some consider it to be a privately owned company that has less than fifteen workers, while somewhere a company of five hundred employees can still be a small business. Ontario is a resource-rich province that offers top quality of life. It has excellent infrastructure and it is very open to international markets. So, it makes sense that it is a great place for small business owners.

Are you planning to start a small business in Ontario?

That is a great idea! Ontario is one of the fastest-growing Canadian provinces, which means that entrepreneurship and small business opportunities are abundant.  At the moment, there are almost 400,000 small businesses registered in this 13.5 million-people province.

Toronto streets and buildings on a sunny day
Small business owners can find a lot of funding programs in Ontario

Before becoming one of the small business owners in Ontario, you should think about the following:

  • Have you decided what your business is going to be like?
  • Do you have a business plan? Did you have it reviewed by an expert?
  • Did you learn about the available funding programs for the Ontario province? There are many funds for small business owners aimed to help them hire staff, pay for marketing, acquire the necessary tools and equipment, etc.

There are many small business advisors that you can contact if you need some advice. In case you need any help relocating your small business to Ontario, don’t you worry. Burlington has to offer experts in relocation, bear that in mind if you are to move your business.

Funding options small business owners can use in Ontario

You should always make yourself familiar with local funding options. For instance, if you are moving your business from Colorado to Canada, you cannot expect that the same rules of funding will apply.
Funding is crucial when starting a small business anywhere in the world, and Ontario is no different. You will need financial means to acquire your tools or equipment before you start working, right? You will also have to have some money on the costs of hiring your staff.  And, let’s not forget that marketing can be quite expensive. Since you cannot start your business without any of the three aspects that we have just mentioned, it is obvious why you should be thinking about funding in the early phase of your business road. Don’t wait until you need funds to start searching for them, do it right now!
A light bulb glowing in the dark to illustrate a good idea for small business owners
You need a good idea
Small business owners in Ontario are very lucky to be located in the province with the government more than eager to provide them with what they need. You don’t have to move to Toronto to enjoy the benefits since the Ontario government invests tremendous amounts of money and greatly supports entrepreneurship within the entire province. You just have to know where to look for them.

Do you already have an idea for your small business?

If you already have an idea for starting your small business, the next thing you should do is make a solid business plan. However, if you are indecisive about what you should do to earn your living and be your own boss, you should be very careful when choosing a field of business. You should select something according to your preferences, professional experience, and knowledge. Here are some ideas you can think about.

Cleaning services

We are all becoming busier and busier as the days go by. That is why we are becoming more eager to pay for the services we really cannot be bothered doing after a hard day at work. And why would you spend your free time cleaning, when you can do all sorts of interesting stuff? Having your house cleaned by someone else once a week or once a month is no longer a luxury. And, you will be doing someone else a favor and helping their business. If you are the one planning to start the home cleaning business, besides the knowledge of cleaning products and procedures, you will need some reliable staff. Strong organizing skills are only a plus if you have them.

Delivery services

If you have a proper vehicle and a driving license with a good driving record, you can start the delivery business. The most important thing here is to be able to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. And if you offer your services at a reasonable price, this could make you one of the successful small business owners. To remind you, you will need to invest in marketing to spread the word about the service you are offering.

Grass cutting and more

 Just like we have already mentioned when talking about house cleaning, nowadays people are more prepared than ever to pay somebody else to do the chores they find boring. Cutting grass is definitely on top of the list of uninteresting things to do. So, why not use the opportunity to offer that kind of service?
Lawnmower left at the lawn
Grass cutting is a great idea for small business
If you are transferring your company to or from Oakville remember this. The grass cutting service won’t be necessary during winter months. Since your small business still needs some income in those months, you can think about investing in snow cleaning services too. After that, you can add some others like gutter and siding cleaning.

Bed and breakfast facility

Opening a B&B facility might be a great idea if you have a house with a few spare rooms, or if you are ready to invest in buying a facility for the purpose. Many people have earned loads of money thanks to their buy to let strategy.  Again, you will need to hire some reliable staff that has some experience in the hospitality business.


Again, something that not many people enjoy doing. This is one of the least expensive, yet very profitable ideas. The great thing about painting is that it is not a seasonal job. That means that you as one of the small business owners are safe during an entire year.

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