New Jersey for newcomers – where to find a perfect home

In the past couple of years, New Jersey has witnessed more and more residents who decide to find a perfect home here and settle down. Many of them look for a quieter lifestyle and more space. The geographically convenient position of New Jersey gives the possibility for easy travel to other cities. The Garden State is close to Manhattan, her sister state New York as well as Philadephia. It’s also a heartwarming space for retired people looking to spend their golden years in a less busy environment. If you just landed on the concrete of New Jersey, take a deep breath since the list of beautiful places is very long. Quality of life is guaranteed by the excellent school system, beautiful scenery, and less lucrative living compared to New York and big cities.

If you are looking for a perfect home, you’re lucky since the prices and taxes are equal to other states. The state has a large vast number of different counties. Each county and town has a unique beauty and aspect. Also, bear in mind that during any move you can get quality support from professional moving companies. New Jersey has a variety of services of this kind. Your moving process doesn’t have to be a bore, it can be a gratifying experience instead. Despite the distance, you can find the professional moving service you deserve at Book your date as soon as possible and start living your dream.

Princeton (Mercer County)

A wild path in the village area.
Mercer County offers many walking paths in the rural areas of NJ where you can also find a perfect home.

Are you looking to switch city madness with suburban tranquility? Princetown is a great place to taste the difference. The city is special for its ethnic and cultural diversity. The geographical position of Princetown is in the middle between NYC and Philadephia. Therefore, many residents who work in NYC decide to live in NJ and travel all the way. In the heart of Mercer County, there is something for everyone. Ambitious students are especially privileged in this county. Noticeable Princetown Univesity offers fascinating opportunities for educational growth. Besides that, Princetown has a rich culture of shopping areas, theater, and many outdoor activities. Impossible to forget is the quality of air. With astonishing parks and preserved wildlife, Mercer County offers a great getaway path to nature.

Madison (Morris County)

The charming city, also known as ”The Rose City”, offers a great range of historical monuments and beautiful sites. The small community of 16,377 makes the town easily accessible for living. The educational system gives a growing opportunity to freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Drew University. Located West of Manhattan, Madison is for years a great bridge to NYC for new home buyers. When you get sure to find a perfect home, it’s time to hit the road. What you need to do is to start with the inventory list and packing supplies first. Just when you organize your move, you can take a breath because experts can help you settle in. Morris County is a great safe suburban area that will delight every member of your family. Such a family-friendly atmosphere attracts many families in search of more peaceful living

A wooden path in the forest area.
Don’t forget to enjoy sunny weekends in the Forest Reserve of Morris County.

Highland Park (Middlesex County)

The beautiful borough of Highland Park is only an hour’s drive from the busy concrete of NYC. Nearby are located big cities such as New Brunswick and Edison City. It’s the best place to grow up since it’s close to the main urban areas of New Jersey. The Raritan River that gently crosses the land gives the city particular charisma. Street night fairs, downtown gardening, and ethnic markets offer many family activities to residents. In case you wish to spend your golden years in this place, there are many affordable houses on the corner. When looking to find a perfect home, bear in mind that anytime you can reach to a reliable real estate agent to provide you with advice. Also, downtown offers many shopping areas and districts that could be a great place to decorate and prepare your perfect home for moving.

Pompton Lakes (Passaic County)

In this small and cozy borough, you can expect a little bit of everything. On one side, you meet the massive and ambitious life of NYC. On the other side, you have a pacific breakout to solitude and nature. If you plan on moving with your family, your kids will experience the great diversity of public schools. The neighborhood is very safe and protected, almost perfect for raising a family. Moving with your family is one of the most complicated moving processes. It involves relocating all family members, especially kids. Luckily, this suburban paradise features many reliable moving services. When it comes to moving, safety and secure transport are crucial. If in trouble, looking for a moving service in the area is great step to a peaceful and fun experience.

A lot of ducks nearby the lake.
The Pompton Lake is a true gatherer of wild nature enthusiasts.

Toms River (Ocean County)

The beautiful township is near many major highways and offers comfortable commuting to other parts of the state. This place is so much different compared to others on the list. It’s close to the famous boulevard of Seaside Heights that brings summer lovers to beach life. Is there something better than living close to a sunny beach? There is, and it’s the affordability of the houses in Toms River. The cost of a home purchase is less expensive for 6% than the average standard of NJ. Besides these features, there is a good employment rate and constant growth of business companies. You can easily find jobs in Health Care, Educational services, and Social Assistance. If you prefer to relocate your small startup business, there is plenty of space for you here.

A lot of young professionals that decide for business relocation, hire a professional real estate agent. When having so many choices, it’s difficult to make a good one. A real estate agent is someone who can safely guide you through all necessary steps.


If you plan on moving to New Jersey, there are plenty of options in front of your eyes. Each of the counties has something unique and wonderful to discover. If you wish to lead paced and down-to-earth lifestyle, you can pick one of the small towns and boroughs. On the other hand, you can enjoy crazy nightlife and diversity found in NYC or Philadelphia. New Jersey is a wonderful family-oriented country that offers paradise on both sides and you will surely find a perfect home there.

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