Moving to Toronto – pros and cons

Someone once said that what makes expat life so interesting and addictive is the feeling that everyday tasks, like commuting to work or grocery shopping,  turn into exciting adventures. Even though it seems that this may be true only for the exotic and foreign language speaking countries, moving to Toronto is a great opportunity to experience the excitement of expat life while staying close to home.

Canada, as a country with a strong economy, free basic health care, and great and affordable education opportunities, draws many of your professionals from all over the World. However, just like with any other country, moving there has its pros and cons. In order to help you decide whether you should start packing your bags and move to the land of hockey, we have created the list of good and bad sides of Toronto lifestyle.

A lit-up street to see after moving to Toronto.
Toronto is an amazing city, one that will fulfill all of your expectations!

Moving to Toronto – The Pros

Moving abroad takes more than just a plane ticket and a few packed moving boxes. Having an opportunity for a fresh start, new job and getting to know Canada and its culture is a tempting thought. However, leaving your friends and family behind and moving to a new city requires detailed planning and is not an easily made decision. Therefore, there must be a few very good reasons why so many young Americans decide to relocate north and call Canada their home. 

  • A strong and booming economy with many job opportunities.
  • Toronto lifestyle and culture.
  • Low crime rates and overall safety are some of the main reasons for families moving to Toronto.
  • Great transportation system.

Business and job opportunities in Toronto

When it comes to modern technology and development, Toronto is ranking third by the number of IT companies. It is, also, Canadian center of finances and industry. Many international corporations have chosen Toronto as the prime location for their headquarters. Therefore Toronto has a strong job market and many great career opportunities for highly educated or skilled expats from all over the World. So, if you are a business owner situated in Colorado, we have one good piece of advice for you. Namely, think about relocating your business from Colorado to Canada. It can only bring you good things. 

What does it feel like to live in Toronto?

If you want to move from a smaller town to a big city moving to Toronto will be an amazing and life-changing adventure. It is known to be a very diverse city. Living there will give you an opportunity to meet people from all around the World and their cultures. Canadians are polite and tolerant. Therefore, everyone is welcomed. Canadians may be known as being too polite sometimes, but they won’t tolerate hate speech or racism. They feel strongly about their civil right movements and laws and won’t be scared to speak up and stand up for their beliefs.

Also, it is never boring in Toronto. Whether it is a music festival, theatre play, art exhibit or a dance performance, you will always be able to find ways to have fun.  Whatever your taste in art, music or food may be, Toronto has it!

Safe living environment and family friendly

For families with children, the Canadian safe living environment is one of the top reasons for moving to Toronto.

Canada is one of the safest countries in the World. Therefore moving with kids to Toronto will give them an opportunity to grow up in a welcoming, safe and diverse community.

Canada is, also, home to some of the best education institutions globally. In addition to high teaching standards, universities in Toronto are, by far, less expensive.

An important moving tip for families:

When moving abroad with a family, relocation process may become a bit complicated. Therefore, make sure you find reliable online sources for all the necessary information in advance. Reliable moving companies, like High Level Movers Toronto can provide you with valuable moving advice and tips. Also, reputable movers will make sure your international family move goes according to prearranged deadlines and agreement.

The public transport

Toronto has a great network of public transportation that is the 3rd largest in North America. Buses, subway, streetcars, and paratransit services in Toronto have a convenient schedule. Therefore,  getting around the city won’t be difficult. 

Speaking about transportation, you will also need to find your vehicle of choice when moving to Toronto from foreign countries. Look into different international transportation methods, and choose the best one for you!

A man in a suit giving a thumbs-up gesture.
The pros of moving to Toronto are numerous.

The Cons of moving to Toronto

Just like any other big city, Toronto has its downsides. Lets’ take a look at a few reasons that can make you doubt the decision to move:

  • The crowds and traffic.
  • The weather.
  • The city can get pricey.
  • Homesickness.

Are you sure that you want to live in a big city?

Toronto is a big city. It is, also, really popular with expats from all around World. Therefore, it can get crowded. Not a big fan of busy city life and traffic? Then, Toronto might not be the best place to call home.

Canadian climate

Compared to the other parts of Canada, the weather in Toronto isn’t so harsh. However, if you prefer really warm weather and are not a big fan of cold winds and snow, you won’t love the Canadian winters.

Housing prices

Just like in other similar big cities, the housing can get quite pricey in Toronto. Therefore, if you plan to live in the suburban area, make sure you start looking for an apartment well in advance.

A golden piggy bank.
The prices in Canada might be too high for some families.

There is no place like home

Moving to Toronto and living on your own in a new city is exciting. However, it might be that you will miss your friends and family. Therefore, one of the most important instructions for Americans moving anywhere is to prepare for the cultural shock. Even though Canada won’t feel that different than the United States, you will need to adapt to new colleagues, daily routine etc.

For all of you who loved the Pros, we have a few important tips

Moving long distance to another country is a life-changing event that requires commitment and planning. Besides having to figure out your next career steps and find a perfect new home, you will need to undertake a huge task of planning a long-distance moving process.

As people often get too excited and overwhelmed by an international move, many of them forget the importance of planning in advance. Therefore, we need to remind you that the best time for planning a move is ASAP. The safest way to avoid any international moving mistakes is to use professional long distance moving services. Make sure you find a reputable moving company when moving to Toronto. Having professional movers to help you relocate will allow you to focus on much more important tasks and personal goals. Also, hiring the professional movers to do the packing and transportation will ensure your belongings travel safely and quickly.

Finally, there is nothing else left for you to do but sell your Colorado home. After moving to Toronto for good, you will not need it anymore.

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