Moving to Denver – Best Tips and Tricks

Denver, Colorado is one of the fastest growing big cities in America.  That is why Denver`s population is rising year after year. It is not so difficult to figure out exactly why Denver has become such a popular living place. After all, it is located along the Rocky Mountain Front Range, surrounded by beautiful landscape and scenery. So, if you too are one of many people in the process of currently moving to Denver, this article is designed for you.

The Rocky Mountains
Situated along the Rocky Mountains, Denver is becoming a popular moving destination.

Get familiar with the cost of living when moving to Denver

When it comes to the comparison between the cost of living in Denver and some other state capitals, Denver ranks somewhere in the middle. It is definitely cheaper than San Francisco, Boston or LA, but more expensive compared to the big cities in Texas. However, if you are an average income family you should be able to get by just fine. Healthcare, groceries, and taxes – it`s all right there around the national average. However, one thing that will represent a problem for the future Denver residents will be the housing prices. 

The housing market

There is a lot speculation whether the housing market in Denver is expensive or affordable. The truth is, there might not be a right or wrong answer. It all depends on how much you are able and willing to spend. The golden rule is not to spend more than 30 percent of your incomes on mortgage or rent. Keeping that in mind, there is one more thing you should know if you are moving to Denver – housing costs are about 32% greater than the national average.

The average rent price in Denver is about $1,256 for a one-bedroom apartment, but naturally, this can vary greatly. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to find a good realtor, and let him or her help you with your housing situation. You know, leave it to the pros. Warning: real estate agents commissions are not cheap! Make sure to figure out what you can afford beforehand.

A house to live in after moving to Denver.
If you are about to move to Denver, pay attention to the rising house prices.

Top neighborhoods to consider when moving to Denver

Once again, everything depends solely on your preferences. Are you looking for an upscale, luxurious neighborhood? Or is something in the suburbs more to your taste? Whatever it is that you like, there is something for everyone in the great city of Denver!

Pricey Denver neighborhoods

  1. Harvey Park – It`s known for its mid-century modern architecture, with quiet streets, that resemble the suburbs.  The median price – 500,000 dollars.
  2. Platt Park – This neighborhood is very cozy and likable and it has one of the best shopping districts in the city – South Pearl Street.  The median price – 500, 000 dollars.
  3. Sunnyside – It is one of Denver`s up-and-coming neighborhoods, which is why the housing prices have been on the rise lately. Sunnyside offers a variety of entertainment choices, such as great coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

Suburban neighborhoods in Denver

  1. Englewood – This neighborhood truly offers something for everyone moving to Denver. It has everything, from small and affordable houses to big and expensive mansions.
  2. Wheat Ridge – This Denver neighborhood is so appealing because of its proximity to the city.
  3. Arvada – It is where you can get the most for your money since the houses are very affordable and yet spacious.

No matter what you ultimately opt for, if this is your first-time to buy a home in Colorado, you should get familiar with all the deets.

The weather in Denver

Okay, so the weather in Denver is almost too good to be true. However, Denver really does have the perfect climate. There are in total over 300 sunny days per year! Can you believe that? And even though it does sometimes get really snowy in Denver over the winter, the snow rarely sticks around. On the other hand, in the summer it does get really hot, but the good thing is that there is no humidity.

Do always have a sunscreen on you, since the sun can get very intense! So make sure to stock up on sunscreen and chapstick if you are about to move to Denver. Another thing to bear in mind is that the weather in Denver is highly unpredictable. Because of the high altitude, the temperatures sometimes vary 40 degrees in just a matter of hours! So expect an adjustment period for the first couple of weeks upon your arrival to Denver.

The intense sun in Denver.
The sun can get intense, so buy some sunscreen when moving to Denver.

Plenty of Professional Sports Teams in Denver

Denver residents simply love their sports teams! Watching a game with a pint of beer can be described as a favorite pass time for a lot of people in Denver. They are especially in love with the Denver Broncos!  But they have been the city`s favorites far before winning the NFL Super Bowl in 2016. Go Broncos! Other beloved professional sports teams include:

  • Colorado Rockies – MLB team
  • Denver Nuggets – NBA team
  • Colorado Avalanche – NHL team

So, if you are a sports fan, moving to Colorado and Denver will be the right choice for you.

Denver – a great food and beer destination

You might not yet be aware of this, but Denver has some magnificent food that is highly underrated outside of Colorado! One can get any type of food in Denver – Mexican, Vietnamese, Ethiopian. You name it, Denver has it! And, except for Portland, Denver has the most microbreweries in the USA! Hello, beer lovers! I think you have just found your paradise. That is why Denver is now known as the `Nappa Valley of Beer`. Not a bad place to live in!

Cold beer - no place for it like Denver.
Denver has so many places where you can enjoy a pint of beer!

There is not a lot of things left to say other than – congratulations! You chose a wonderful place for yourself. I don`t think it is possible to regret moving to Denver. With so many wonderful attractions in entire Colorado, you will for sure never have a boring time!

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