Moving to a small town in CO

If your dream has always been to live in a small town, Colorado is the place. It has plenty of spots, just like from all of those themed movies on Hallmark. Despite the continuing rise in its population, Colorado manages to hold onto the ‘small town’ feel which it’s best known for. And even though they have an infamous pride for the Broncos, the residents here tend to have a strong sense of community and family. But, it’s always hard choosing the best small town in a state to relocate to. So, we’re bringing you a short list of some of our top picks for homes when moving to a small town in CO.

There are a number of small towns to consider when moving to CO.
When moving to a small town in CO, you should carefully consider before picking one!

If you’re moving to a small town in CO check out Creede

This is a small, formerly mining, town in CO which has constantly topped the list of most beautiful settlements in the state. It brings an entirely new meaning to the world small town, as it has only 400 residents. Though, don’t worry. If you’re moving to a small town in CO and worried about getting bored of your neighbors, that won’t be the situation here. Creede has a rich touristic life which will keep you on your toes. It brings people from all over the country from May until August. And, when the sporty tourists have gone, it’s hunting season. When moving to a small town in CO, you should know about that. From September to November it’s bear, moose, deer, elk, duck and goose season. Creede, like most former mining towns, will provide lodging and services for the hunters at this time.

Expect a beautiful view when moving to a small town in CO.
If you’re moving to a small town in CO, the beautiful scenery is a given!

If you’re worried about what you can do after moving to a small town in CO like Creede, don’t. Why do you think this place is so attractive to tourists? As it lies at the eastern end of the San Juan Mountain Range, this town allows for plenty of activities. After moving to this little place in CO, be sure to try them. There is hiking, climbing, mountain and road biking, rafting and kayaking, as well as a number of other activities it offers. If sports aren’t your thing, we would simply ask you to take your camera and go for a walk. You will find yourself in the center of the beauty which only small towns in CO can provide.

Moving to a small town in CO means knowing about Hotchkiss

So, you’ve read a bit about the troublesome weather in CO, yes? No worries, our next small town on the list should solve your problem. If you’re moving to a small town in CO, you really need to consider Hotchkiss. This is a town of a population just under a 1000 people, located between the Blue Mesa Reservoir and Delta. It is one of the two towns founded by Enos Hotchkiss in the late 1860s. He was a civil war veteran and pioneer. However, unlike Lake City, where gold mining made Hotchkiss a rich man, this town is a hidden treasure. If you’re moving to this small town in CO, you will find that it doesn’t have much to offer which differs from other settlements. No, Hotchkiss isn’t famous for its outdoor sports and hiking trails. It doesn’t have a spectacular view to remember.

But, Enos Hotchkiss knew exactly what he was doing when he settled down here. Hotchkiss is possibly the only small town in CO which has a nice climate. There is a lot of heat in the summer and plenty of snow in the winter here. But, Hotchkiss doesn’t get as harsh as in the other parts of the state. This small town in CO is located in a valley. It lies between the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies and the deserts in the west. This allows the valley in which Hotchkiss lies to be lush and green. And with probably the nicest year-round weather in the area. In fact, after moving to this small town in CO, you will be surprised by its cool summers and fairly warm winters. Though, don’t despair. If you’re looking for a sporty adventure, the Black Canyon, Blue Mesa and Crawford Reservoirs are nearby.

If you’re moving to a small town in CO, you should take Silverton into account

This is yet another small town in CO which attracts the eyes of many tourists. It is a bit larger than our top pick, Creede, with a little over 500 residents. However, it almost always has plenty of people outside of town buzzing around. Why? Silverton is a great destination, year-round, for tourists. It’s close enough to the San Juans to host both summer and winter sports. So, it has plenty of ski areas and recreational centers available. There is also a campground, run by the municipality. And it is a true sight to see in the summer. Though, when moving to a small town in CO, you shouldn’t only take the activities there into account. It’s all about the journey, no?

Silverton is close to a number of other small places worth a visit, such as Lake City and Durango. One can get to this small town in CO via the Million Dollar Highway, which takes the Red Mountain Pass. It was supposedly so treacherous to build, that it cost the toll road owner a million dollars to make! Another route, this time by railroad, is from Durango. This is one of the only sections of Narrow Gage railroad left. It makes you remember the state from years ago. You will surely re-visit all the stories from the locals about silver mining back in the day after this. After all, this small town in CO is called Silverton for a

Moving to a small town in CO means carefully picking out the right place, doesn't it?
So, have you decided on the destination of your move to a small town in CO?

reason. And, the last path one can take to Silverton is over Engineer and Cinnamon Pass, from Lake City. While it may not be historical or glamorous like the other two, it will give you some pretty amazing pictures. After all, it offers views of several 14000ers which the state has.

With these top picks, we hope to have given you some ideas about what to expect after moving to a small town in CO. We wish you a great move!

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