Moving a piano – tips by the pros

Some household items can be trickier to move that you may think. Like a piano. Moving a piano is not an easy task. Pianos are heavy, bulky and surprisingly fragile. Moving piano from one part of the home to another is difficult and dangerous, so just imagine how hard will be relocating it to a different location. It’s a mammoth challenge, even for professional piano movers. Still, they have experience and they will know how to handle it in the best way. That is why you should consider hiring a moving company. Moreover, it is likely that your life in Colorado will be much more beautiful with a piano being available all the time for you to play it.

Why do you need professional piano movers?

  • Extraordinary weight – Pianos weight a ton. Well, not literally, but they are extremely heavy. You will need a numbered human power to move it. Piano movers know exactly how to move what kind of piano. They know the best way to layout its weight. The job of moving the piano which you will require the help of many friends can be done with much fewer people if you hire professional movers.
  • Bulkiness – Pianos are big and bulky. The largest types can reach the 9 feet in width, while the smallest types of pianos are usually 58 inches long and 3 feet in height. When you have an item that is that bulky, you need to consider a lot of things. Can it fit through the door? Can you disassemble it? Could you reassemble it properly? Experienced movers already know how to handle all those things in a quick and efficient matter.
  • Fragility – Pianos may seem sturdy, but in fact, they are very delicate and easily damaged. The complex mechanisms of the piano are very fragile. That’s why moving a piano is such a difficult task. You have a huge and heavy item that’s incredibly vulnerable. Therefore, hiring piano movers is the best way to go.
grand piano
Pianos are big, heavy, bulky, but at the same time, they are very delicate and fragile.

Tips for moving a piano by yourself

If you are determined to move a piano without the help of the professionals, that isn’t an impossible task. It is nerve-wracking, overwelling, incredibly difficult and stressful, but doable. There are many moving tips on the internet, the website Master Moving Guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

First and foremost, you will need to understand the risks. There is a very possible risk of damaging the piano itself, damaging your property while moving an instrument and a great risk of sustaining a personal injury that moving such a heavy object can cause.

In order of decrease these risks, you have to plan and take every safety step of your move.

Gather your piano moving team

When you are moving a piano, you will need help. A lot of it. It’s just a fact – you can’t move a piano alone. So the first thing you have to do is to find willing helpers. Call your strongest male friends and ask them for this favor. You will need at least 4 people for moving a piano. Once your friends agree to help, tell them to dress suitably for the job. Everybody should wear closed shoes with good traction, not too baggy and not too tight clothes, and protection for the feet.

Asking somebody to help you move a piano is not a small favor. It requires a hard labor and taking many risks, so be sure that your friends know how much you appreciate their help. Be a good host and prepare them food and drinks as a token of your gratitude. Of course, returning the same favor is implied. After a job well-done, use the free time to enjoy in some of the most beautiful attractions in Colorado to relax a bit.

Obtain the required moving equipment

Once you find your helpers, the next step is to gear up. Except for the helping hands, you will need some moving equipment as well. Here is why you have to get:

  • A moving dolly – Moving can go without the dolly. Moving a piano without them is just impossible. You will need at least one furniture dolly if the piano is smaller, and even two or three if the piano is grand.
  • Moving truck – If you don’t own a truck, you will have to rent one in order to relocate your piano. Before you do, measure your piano. That way you will know what size of the truck you’ll need. Bigger trucks cost more, and if you rent a smaller truck that can’t fit your piano, it will be a disaster. So exact size of the truck that you need is crucial. Also, make sure that the trunk you rent has a convenient loading/unloading ramp.
  • Furniture straps – These straps will make lifting heavy items easier. They will also protect you from the injuries. Do not start the moving process if you don’t have at least 2 pairs of heavy-duty furniture straps.
Piano ready for transfer
Your piano should be strapped and secure.

Prepare a piano for moving

If your instrument has the small wheels, that doesn’t mean that you can roll it. The wheels on the piano have a decorative role, or they enable the moving of the heavy object no more than a few inches. Before the move, tight them good with the duck tape. That way, when you are lifting the piano down, there will be a lesser chance for them to break.

To avoid external and internal damage, you should wrap your piano with the furniture blankets. Put them around the entire instrument and secure with quality tape.

Delicate piano keys can easily suffer damage if the lid is open. Be sure to close and lock the lid before you start moving a piano. If you can’t lock the lid, wrap it tightly with stretch tape.

Piano keys
If the lid opens in some point of the move, piano keys can get damaged.

Final tips

Before you start a process of moving a piano by yourself, you will have to make a crystal clear strategy. Your moving plan should contain the idea of how exactly you’re going to move a piano, what risks that include and list of all the possible problems and their solutions. Inform your helpers about every step of the move.

Use all the moving tips from the moving blog that can help you with this process.

Before you embark on this adventure, put all the cost in writing. There is a big chance that moving a piano by yourself will be much costly than hiring professional piano movers. Not to mention, much overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming.

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