What to expect when moving to Lake Worth, Florida?

Looking at the pictures of Lake Worth, you can see the beautiful beaches, fishing pier, and buildings that have historical value. Lake Worth offers all water fun you’ve been looking for in Florida. It has a developed city culture with a lot of special events, such as music venues and art shows. Eclectic boutiques surround the streets, giving you the feeling of being on vacation. Restaurants along the beach afford endless views of the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean.  If you like beautiful nature and culture, you may start thinking about moving to Lake Worth, Florida.

Culture in Lake Worth is on the rise

Colorful events are not to be missed. During the Street Painting Festival, the asphalt becomes a temporary canvas for two days, letting people express their feelings through art. Another event that marks this town is Palm Beach Pride, which represents one of the biggest celebrations of the LGBTQ population in this region. Thinking about moving to Lake Worth, Florida, the center of the finest visual arts, and experimental music? You are thinking in the right direction. Its abundance is also reflected in many theater and dance groups.

People throwing things in the air during the festival hich is so exciting that makes moving to Lake Worth appealing
Street Painting Festival is one of the most visited in Lake Worth.

Lake Worth Playhouse

It is located in the former theatre which represents one of the oldest buildings of Palm Beach County. In the Playhouse you can see a variety of both alternative and mainstream programming, on film and live. They offer:

  • Musicals
  • Children’s shows
  • Ballet
  • Operas
  • Live concerts
  • Award-winning dramas

Playhouse is also equipped with a huge viewing screen with a high definition projection.

Moving to Lake Worth with kids – what can you do for fun?

A family-friendly amusement center called Fun Depot has a lot to offer. From an interactive laser tag arena that has the capacity up to 30 people, batting cages, go-kart track long half-mile. If you are more into the video games, they offer more than 200 of them. You can have a lot of fun, either with the old-school classics or with the latest games. We all know children adore prizes, and they can redeem them after the win in the prize center.


Person driving a go-kart
Lake Worth has an amusement center where you can bring your family for a day full of fun.

How to find reliable movers when moving to Lake Worth

When you are planning your move, the most important thing is to calculate your spending limit. You need to budget your money wisely. This means calculating every expense you can have in advance.

It is essential to account for the cost of shipping, travel expenses, and the cost of moving companies. Lake Worth has movers you can trust, that will take care of your belongings as if they were their own.

You must find a trustworthy company, especially when moving to Lake Worth, which has a pretty high crime rate. That is why we recommend using the services of Moving Kings Van Lines FL moving company, which has proven their professionalism times and times again.

High crime rate

When thinking about moving, people usually don’t think about crime. They think of the size of the apartment, looks of it, cost of living, and education system. It is as if the crime is in the back of everybody’s mind until they read something terrible has happened in that area. Truth be told, a lot of people have rated and reviewed Lake Worth as an artsy cute town. Instead, it has proven over the years that it is not safe. There are no exceptions when it comes to the sex of the victim, both men and women can be the victims of crime. Whether it is stealing or beating. Not to speak about more dangerous crimes like rape and murder.

If you are considering moving to Lake Worth, Florida, it is best to call the local police and ask around for the exact number of crimes. When it comes to any safety-related issues, it is always best to contact them, because they are familiar. We hope that this will help you decide whether that is the best surrounding for you and your partner to move into. You can always choose to live in the “good” area, but no one can guarantee your safety there either.

Drugs and prostitution

If you are thinking about moving to Lake Worth, Florida, make sure to do your homework and research about the place thoroughly. Almost every day, you can walk in on a drug dealer offering you heroin.  Prostitution is a regular thing there, you can get that conclusion just by looking at driveways that are filled with used condoms. Also, drug addicts usually use abandoned houses to do drugs.

When the drugs are at a display, you can imagine how many homeless people there are. Heroin addicts often don’t know how they got on the street, but the addiction takes over the mind and body and puts them in a spot where they almost always choose drugs over their house.


Close up of white syringe
Lake Worth has a lot of drug abuse clinics that offer support.

Transportation in Lake Worth

Most people drive and own a car, so if you plan on moving to Lake Worth, Florida, it would be best to buy a car if you don’t already have one. The average commute lasts around 20 minutes, which is not long. When you think about relocation, always do your homework on what that place is like. What are the benefits and disadvantages of living there? You should put your priorities on the paper and try to find the best place for you and your family. Lake Worth is surrounded by beautiful nature that will leave you speechless. Also, they invest in culture, therefore if that is one of your priorities, you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind that the crime rate in Lake Worth, Florida, is above average. This means you should choose wisely on what part of town you want to live in.

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