Moving from Seattle to Colorado – how to save time?

Colorado and Seattle are very far apart. But Colorado has a lot to offer which is why a lot of people move to Colorado from many different parts of the country. And a lot of people are moving from Seattle to Colorado. This is a very long distance relocation to have. If you were to move this distance in Europe, you would be moving from one part of the continent to another. Seattle and Colorado are also in two different time zones which also tells you how big of a distance between the two cities is.

But this isn’t something that should stop you from moving from Seattle to Colorado. People have moved even greater distances and still managed to have a stress-free move. And you can too. We have prepared some tips that are going to help you both save time when moving from Seattle to Colorado and also make your long-distance relocation as stress-free as possible.

Know when to move

A very important thing to know is when to move. Not every time is the right time for a long-distance relocation. For example, moving during the winter can last much longer than moving during summer. There are plenty of factors that have an influence on this. The first one would be the fact that the roads are slippery because of rain and snow. This means that driving slow is necessary in order to move safely. This can prolong your move from just a day or two to a couple of days. You also have to consider the fact that a lot of people are also traveling to Colorado to spend the holidays there with their friends and family. This means that there are a lot of cars on the roads as well which also makes the travel time longer.

A calendar for impeccable organization when moving from Seattle to Colorado.
Move in the right time.

But sometimes even moving during the summer is a bad idea. A lot of people vacate in Colorado during the summer. You also need to consider the fact that most families with children move to Colorado during the summer as this is when the children don’t have school and when the day lasts the longest which makes moving last shorter.

But as you can tell, to move during the summer is a good thing. This is why we would actually suggest moving in the months of April, May, and June. This is when the day lasts longer, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold and not a lot of people move during this time of the year as they are busy with finishing universities and projects for the summer, children are still going to school, and for most people, this is actually the time when they are just planning their relocations, not actually relocating. So, if you really want to have this move of yours last as short as possible, listen to our advice and move in the spring. And PortaBox Storage Seattle can help you with this.

Nothing without professional movers

Moving from Seattle to Colorado means that you are moving long distances. And long-distance moving isn’t something you can do yourself. You can, but this means having to deal with a lot of stress. Moving is a tough thing to do. It requires a lot of physical and mental strength as well. You have to know how to organize everything perfectly, how to load a truck, which truck size you need. You also have to clean and pack your whole home and then do the cleaning and unpacking when you get to your new home. Among all this where is handling the children or pets? Or even both for some people

Child in a cardboard box.
Moving with children definitely means having to hire movers.

Moving can really be messy if you don’t have the right people helping you. And the right people aren’t your family and friends. Don’t bother them with such tough tasks. Sure, they are your family and friends but they have things of their own to deal with. It would be much simpler and better to just hire professionals to help you with this task. Some people avoid doing this because it “costs too much money and it is much cheaper to move on your own” but this is a completely wrong way of thinking. This isn’t an expense. It is an investment in yourself and your family. By hiring movers, you will make the whole process of relocation ten times easier. Not hiring movers is one of the biggest moving mistakes.

It is also much safer

But making it easier isn’t the only perk of hiring professional movers as one of the practical solutions for transport of your belongings. It also makes moving a lot safer. Moving injuries are very common and they occur mostly when people decide to relocate on their own. Injuries such as a broken arm, sprained knee, broken foot, nail, and even some more serious injuries such as back injuries are very likely to occur.

Hiring movers not only saves you time but also saves you from getting injured. And this means saving money as well as medical care is very expensive no matter where you live in the US. Hiring movers will make your life easier after moving too as you’ll be rested and ready to unpack and start exploring the new city.

Arm injury.
A lot of people get injuries while they are moving.

Deal with packing on time

A lot of people end up postponing their relocation because they haven’t managed to pack up their home for the move. This usually happens to people who have children and are working most of the week. This is something you surely want to avoid. Get the right packing supplies to wrap and protect your items and start packing a couple of weeks before the move.

This will give you enough time to clean, declutter, donate, sell, and pack everything up for the relocation. And packing for relocation actually consists of all these tasks. And all of them will take a lot of time to do, especially if you are a busy, working person with a family. Even if there are two of you, the whole process can last a long time. But if you end up moving on short notice, there are certain tips that will help you pack quickly.

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