Moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers: where to look for housing

When you have toddlers, everything that you are doing in your life becomes a lit bit difficult. And that is completely normal and understandable. Toddlers are very demanding, and you need to watch their every step. Especially when they just start to crawl or take baby steps. So, you can imagine how will it be when you are moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers. There are so many things you will have to take care of. Where to look for housing, when to start packing, who to hire, and so on. Well, that’s why we are here. To help you with all the insecurities, and to answer all your questions. There are many family-friendly cities to consider, so let’s start from there.

The best place you can think of when moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers is Ashburn

Ashburn is not a city in Virginia, but a suburb. And when you have children, it is better to raise them in a suburb. This way they can have a proper childhood. So, what you need to know about Ashburn is that there are 44,090 inhabitants, so you won’t really feel like you live in a suburb. The area feel is dense suburban and the residents tend to have moderate political views. The median rent is $1,974 and the median home value is $507,100. This makes most residents owners of their homes, rather than renters. You should also know that the median household income is $132,582 which is higher than on a national level. There are various job offers, as well, you just need to look for them on time.

Also, you need to be informed about the schools and the entire educational system. There are plenty of schools in Ashburn, both public and private. And all of them are rated highly, with the highest grades. So, you don’t have to worry if your children will have the proper education because they will. What is good about this suburb is that there are plenty of parks and beautiful places in nature. It is not only concrete like in many others. With that said, if Ashburn sounds like the place for your family, we encourage you to move here and let the local pros to jump in when the moving day comes. They will handle everything professionally while your only worry will be to look out for your toddlers.

Happy toddler playing with toys.
When you are moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers you need to pay attention to your toddlers.

Another place worth mentioning is Suffolk

Same as Ashburn, Suffolk is one of the best places where you can raise kids in Virginia. Although the population is quite higher with 91,383 inhabitants, you can still live in your own house with a wide garden or backyard. Suffolk is quite big, so there is room for everyone. The area feels sparse suburban, and due to the price difference, most of the residents buy homes rather than rent them. As in Ashburn, there are plenty of parks your entire family will enjoy. This is a great benefit of moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers because the nature here and there differs, so you will experience new things and surroundings.

In Suffolk, there are plenty of families with kids that live there. There are also many young professionals. You won’t have to worry about safety because the crime level here is very low. And the safety is high and provided almost everywhere. The schooling system and education are also highly rated. What is important is that diversity here is accepted and your kids can meet different cultures on time. There are plenty of benefits of moving with kids to Virginia, so read them before you decide for sure.

When moving from Colorado to Virginia you must consider Virginia Beach

You maybe didn’t hear of Suffolk and Ashburn before, but you for sure know about Virginia Beach. This city has so many benefits, and many families decide to move here. There are so many amazing public schools, and private ones as well. And all the kids are treated properly. Also, diversity is quite high, and everyone is accepted. Your children won’t have to worry about expressing themselves in front of other people. Housing is not the cheapest, but it is still quite affordable. In the beginning, you don’t have to purchase a home. Rent it until you have a budget big enough to do so. And in the meantime, get experienced movers like the ones at Here & Now Movers to relocate here as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on something, trust us.

Toddler learning to read.
Try to keep your toddler’s daily schedule as normal as you can.

Don’t forget to look at Hampton

Located in Hampton City County, Hampton is a city of 135,169 inhabitants. If you love living by the water, then this place will be amazing for you. Many families with toddlers come here when they are moving from Colorado to Virginia. Housing options are various and diverse, and they are all affordable. At the same time, it is amazing for kids since crime is on a lower level and safety is highly rated. There are plenty of very good public schools your toddlers can go to once it is time for that. Living somewhere with nature and parks around is important, especially when you have kids. According to Coloradoans one of the top 3 cities in Virginia for families is exactly Hampton.

Chesapeake is one of the suburbs you should consider when moving from Colorado to Virginia

Living in Chesapeake will give you that sparse suburban area feels. When you have toddlers, this has advantages. Chesapeake is a suburb located in Chesapeake City County with 242,646 inhabitants. The number might seem quite high for a suburb, but you won’t even feel that once you get here. There are plenty of parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. Life in Chesapeake is not fast and all business related, but rather a calm one. That is the reason why many families choose exactly this place for relocation.

Mom preparing for moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers and taking care of toddlers.
It will be tough but you can make it.

Think well before you decide

If moving from Colorado to Virginia with toddlers is something that you must do, then do it properly. Moving with toddlers is not easy, and it is definitely not recommended to repeat it often. Children don’t understand why the moving needs to be done, and it can affect them negatively. So think well before you make any decision, and once you do, don’t change it.

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