Moving from Colorado to Texas: family-friendly cities to consider

Many families are searching for a place that suits them more than the one where they currently live. The reasons why are different for everyone. Some families search for a safer city to live in. Others prioritize good schools or job opportunities. No matter the reason, moving from one place to another has now become an easy task no matter how close or long distance the relocation is. If you live in Colorado and you have been thinking about relocating to another state with your family, we can tell you that Texas has plenty of family-friendly cities that you should consider relocating to. Moving from Colorado to Texas has become quite common, especially among families with small children. But if you do not know where in Texas to move to, we are here to tell you about the most family-friendly cities.


The first city on our list of the most family-friendly cities in Texas to consider relocating to is Boerne. It is a town that is the perfect size for a family to live in. It isn’t either too small or too big. There are around 27,000 people living in Boerne and this number is just going to continue growing because of how good of a moving destination this town is. It is located relatively close to San Antonio. This certainly is one of the things that attracts many families to move here. We also cannot forget the fact that it is one of the best affordable cities in Texas.

It is a very peaceful place which is why a lot of people come from San Antonio to visit Boerne during the weekend. Not only is it a peaceful place but there also are plenty of things that you can do here with your family. There is a lake in the city, Boerne Lake and it is the perfect place to spend your free time during the summer months. A lot of families can be seen in this part of the city when it is nice outside as there are walking trails, grilling spots, and playgrounds here as well. Swimming in the lake is also allowed.

Boerne Lake playground.
There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do in Boerne.

Another reason to move to Boerne is that it is a relatively affordable place to live in. Housing is amazing and although the housing prices are a bit high, they are definitely worth the money. The average home price in Boerne is around $600,000. You can also find a home to rent if you haven’t planned on investing in one. To make moving from Colorado to Texas easier and more efficient, you should surely let professionals deal with it.

New Braunfels

The second city on the list is a city located not far away from Boerne. New Braunfels is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Texas. There are many reasons why. The first thing you must know about this lovely place is that the Guadalupe River passes through the city splitting it into two parts. Because the river passes through the city New Braunfels has lots of green spaces and parks. This is where you can find playgrounds where you can take your children as well as walking and biking trails.

Children on the playground.
There are plenty of places where you can spend quality time with your children.

Cypress Bend Park and Hinman Island are just two of many beautiful parks in the city. There is even a water park in the city located on Hinman Island – Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels, and it is the perfect place to take your children.

The schools here are one of the best schools in the state and you can choose between both private and public schools. The city is a multicultural city, a lot of people from all over the world have started moving to New Braunfels which is why some international schools exist in the area as well. Besides good schools and plenty of green spaces, New Braunfels also offers good housing. Finding a home is a fairly easy task. This is why if you decide to relocate here, you will be able to do it soon as you will certainly find a home within a couple of days. To make your interstate relocation easier, hiring is a good idea.


Texas has lots of unique cities that we could tell you about but this one is our favorite. Fredericksburg is located in central Texas and it is a city known for many amazing wineries. The city has German heritage which is why it looks different from the rest of the cities in Texas. Marktplatz is the name of the town square which is a German name and here is where you have a replica of a 19th-century German church. There are many beautiful things to be seen here which is why it is a popular touristic destination. Buying a ranch house in this area is a good idea as they are affordable. Housing in Fredericksburg is on the more affordable side not just when it comes to ranch houses which is another reason to relocate here.

Small Texas town.
This is a very lovely small town you should consider moving to with your family.

Fredericksburg is a peaceful town which makes it perfect for families with children. It is also a very educating place to lie in. There are some museums here and as it is a historical town, you have lots of history-related sights in the city. This place would also make a good place for starting a business which is why there are more and more families moving from Colorado to Texas. This is a good place to move to and start a new life in Texas with your family.

More family-friendly cities in Texas

Texas has lots of amazing places you should consider moving to but we want to make making the final decision a bit easier. The three cities we already told you about are amazing options but there are some more if none of the three suit your needs. So, if you are moving from Colorado to Texas, consider moving to:

  • Plano
  • Odessa
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso.

If you decide to move to any of these cities we are certain that you will not regret making this decision. Living in Texas is amazing, especially if you move with your family here.

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