Moving and packing fragile items to Colorado

There is nothing worse than discovering that your grandmother’s antique vase was broken while being transported to your new home in Colorado. Just a second of neglect can lead to a real moving tragedy. Ironically, these delicate items are the ones that mean the most to us but are also the most difficult to prepare for transport. This doesn’t mean that keeping them in perfect condition after your move is an impossible mission. All you need to do is follow our awesome guide for moving and packing fragile items to Colorado and you’ll move just like a pro!


Colorado is a beautiful state and gives you a lot of reasons why you should relocate to Colorado. But this doesn’t change the fact that moving is a stressful thing. And moving fragile items to Colorado that are sentimental or have a financial value makes the whole process even more annoying. Most of us don’t even realize how many fragile items we possess in our homes until we start packing them. Wrapping all of these items can be nerve-wracking. So, you’ll need to carefully organize every step.

First of all, take your time! Packing delicate items in a hurry doesn’t bring good results. Secondly, think about what you will need in your new home. Don’t get rid of your decorations because we have awesome tips on how to decorate a rental apartment. Anything that doesn’t make the list you can donate, sell or give to a family member or friend. Throwing things away should be your last option. After you’ve sorted out what you really need, a smart thing to do would be organizing the remaining items in groups. For example plates, glasses, mirrors, electronics, antiques, strangely shaped pieces etc. Anything that will make the next step easier.

A person making a plan in a notebook, possibly about moving and packing fragile items to Colorado.
Plan every step of your move.


Now look at these groups of breakables and think what the best way to pack them properly is.  This will help you when picking the right material. The right packaging for moving fragile items to Colorado is the one that will fully protect them from shaking, vibrations, lifting and moving. And there are a lot of them that you can use. Some of them you already have in your home so don’t worry about the expense. Here are some of the most common packing materials people use when moving.


You will need them in all shapes and sizes. Don’t forget that almost every household has a box or two that they never use. Except searching through your home, you can also ask your friends and neighbors for any unused boxes or stop by at a local liquor store and food market. Free boxes are everywhere, you just have to find them.

Packaging peanuts

Also known as foam peanuts or loose fill. It is a special cushioning material you can use to prevent damage when moving fragile items to Colorado. These peanuts are usually made of polystyrene foam and their purpose is filling the gaps in boxes in order to protect your items. Cover the bottom of a box with a foam in a thick layer, then put in the middle of a box the fragile item that is already wrapped in plastic and cardboard. Now just fill up the box with the rest of your loose fill. Your item won’t be touching the sides of a box, and will also be able to withstand multiple shocks while being transported.

Use original packagings when moving and packing fragile items to Colorado

They are already designed to provide the best possible protection for your item. If you have a lot of electronics, this will be the safest way to pack them. Remember to inspect original packaging before using it. There is a chance that it may have deteriorated with time so first, you’ll have to reinforce its sides with extra tape.

Also, don’t forget about duct tape, cell pack, paper, and anything else that can be used for wrapping your delicate items.

Scissors and a duck tape.
Scissors and a duct tape are necessary for moving and packing fragile items to Colorado.

Now when you have everything that you need, it is time for packing! There are a lot of different techniques for achieving the best result. So, before you start, we advise you to do a small research on how to pack fragile items. Good preparation is half the work.


  • Newspapers as a wrapping material. Most of us forget newsprint may leave black marks on some of the surfaces. Instead of washing each item individually after unpacking, pick the right packing material and prevent this disaster when moving and packing fragile items to Colorado.
  • Unlabeled boxes. Labeling is very important! Not just that this makes the whole process of unpacking easier, it also reminds you which box is filled with breakables.

    Cardboard boxes with labels on them.
    Always label your boxes.
  • Forgetting the golden rule. Don’t forget to put heavy items on the bottom of the box, and then add lighter ones on top of them.
  • Doing everything on your own. You need to think about your health. Lifting and moving heavy boxes can wear you out. Just a second of neglect and you risk dropping boxes or even hurting yourself. Don’t make your move even more stressful. Instead, inform yourself about all the things you should know when moving to Colorado. Being knowledgeable will help you realize some dos and don`ts of your upcoming relocation, and you will learn the best way of handling it.

And finally, if your budget allows you, you should probably consider finding a reliable moving company. With every relocation professional, there are plenty of services to choose from. You can ask for their packing services only when moving and packing fragile items to Colorado. Also, if you wish, you can get the whole package, and opt for other services, as well. The decision is up to you. What is important is to let them save you some trouble. And, with them, you don’t have to worry about your breakables because they will be in safe hands. Best of luck!

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