Moving in as a couple: tips and tricks

There’s nothing more beautiful than finding a perfect someone with whom you want to share the rest of your life. When we’ve been in a stable, happy relationship for a while, the next step is usually moving in as a couple. This step, like any other change of residence, is really stressful for all of us. There’s just too much to think about, a lot of planning and organizing to do, and the finances are a whole new area of worrying. Continue reading for the best tips and tricks to turn moving in as a couple into the exciting adventure.

Finding an ideal place for moving in as a couple

You don’t have to be an interior expert or designer to know what you like and don’t like about your home. Sometimes we can’t choose, but when we’re buying or renting a place, it’s usually up to us to decide on the location, size, and other characteristics. Luckily, there are excellent realty companies which make our life easier when it comes to this.

Remember to keep a positive attitude when making plans for moving in with your partner. After all, it’s just the first of many memorable adventures you’re going to have from now on, so approach it as such. One of the fun parts is choosing the place. If you’re planning to buy it, it’s going to be a bit heavier decision than renting, but in both cases, you should consider your needs and preferences. Here’s a checklist that might come in handy:

  • Think carefully about the size (what may seem enough can turn out to be too small)
  • Do research on the neighborhood or the area, see how close it is to your jobs, malls, schools, and also analyze the crime rate
  • If you’re planning to stay there a long time, take into account that you might start a family
  • Decide on whether you want an outside space or a terrace
  • What about a parking spot?
  • Count on additional expenses, these might occur when you move in as a couple

Moving in together – what to pack?

Us humans have a tendency to cling on to stuff. Some of it is definitely worth clinging to, such as gifts from family and friends, things that remind us of someone, or happy times in the past, but in all that we tend to hoard the unnecessary as well. If we’re not careful, it can develop into compulsive hoarding.

When you’re about to live together, selfishness needs to go out the windows. Otherwise, there will be clutter, too much cleaning, and possible arguments about whose things take up too much space and dividing chores.

Box with lots of different photos in it
Moving in together means getting rid of things that create clutter

So, before the move, it’s best for both sides to think and make a checklist of the things that come and those that have to go – from furniture to photos. Foolproof advice to follow is that you should bring only the things you absolutely want or need when you move in together. If you plan on buying new furniture, consider selling the old (extra cash!), or donating, if that’s what you’d like. The same goes for clothes, books, kitchen appliances, plates, the list goes on. When you’re done, it’s a priority to ensure safe transportation for your items.

Furnishing the place after you move in together

Here comes the really fun part! You have finally moved in with your partner and now’s the time for some good old decorating.
As always, talking and reaching a compromise is crucial.
Naturally, all couples like to spend time together, but all of us need a time-out sometimes.  Try and come up with where in your new home you can have some solo time. This can be a whole room, or a nook – depending on the size. Also, if one or both of you are working from home, make sure you have a designated work space, preferably separated from the living space so that when you’re done with work, you can relax.

Setting home office after moving in as a couple.
The home office should be a calm part of your new home where you can work.


Furthermore, remember it’s your place and everything in it should be exactly as you two like. It’s important to agree on all aspects, from colors to furniture arrangement. If you don’t – try to find a solution that works for both of you. As far as details are concerned, it might be a fun idea to go for some DIY decorating projects after moving in with your partner. It’s cheaper than shopping, and it’s definitely a memorable activity.

Finished with moving in as a couple – what’s next?

When you live alone, all you have to worry about is you (and a pet, if you have one). You earn what you earn, you find a way to deal with the costs and that’s it. But after moving in together, you’ll have to work these things out, together with the costs of the move. You’ll probably make different amounts of money, but that shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Instead of splitting everything, try adjusting the expenses according to your respective salaries.

Really living together

When all the technical parts are over, you’ll start getting used to living together. Occasionally, there might be rough patches, especially if neither of you had ever lived with a partner in the past. This is where the ”alone time” nook comes in handy, but you shouldn’t always ignore these situations. That’s why you should try to do as many outdoor activities as you can.
Being inside, just the two of you sure is fun for a while and at times, but if you do it too much, it can start feeling like a burden.

A couple holding sparklers
Moving in as a couple – The beginning of a new chapter

In order to prevent this, be creative! Just because you’ve finished moving in as a couple, doesn’t mean you need to settle and lose all the perks and interesting aspects of dating. Apart from coming up with new date ideas, go out and explore your new town or area.
Get to know the neighbors, make new friends and start enjoying your new life with your significant other.

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