Moving to Boulder – Tips And Tricks

Are you getting tired of your big city? Are the constant rush and fast living starting to get on your nerves? Do you find yourself thinking about a more leisurely life? If all of this is true, then a relocation to a more peaceful area might be a good idea. Colorado, for example, is a beautiful state, and the city of Boulder is one of the best places in Colorado to buy a home. If you decide on it, moving to Boulder might be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life! Look no further, we’ve got the hottest tips and tricks right here! After reading this article, you’ll have all the basics you’ll need to know before making the move.

Finding a job

So you’ve selected Boulder as your location, and you’re done choosing your new home in Colorado. Let’s get the most important thing out of the way –  is there work to be found in Boulder, Colorado? We all know that there’s nothing more important when looking for a place to move than finding a job. If you’ve got some savings, maybe you can afford to find a job after making the move, but we don’t recommend it. The good news is, the local government has created affordable homeownership programs for those who’d like to move to Boulder but aren’t sure they can afford it.  Still, the safest way to go is to find a job before relocating to Boulder. So, what are your options?

Boulder’s job market

Luckily for you, Boulder’s job market is on the rise! According to some experts, Boulder is one of the hottest new tech hotspots in the Midwest! There are actually many people moving to Boulder in order to find work in the tech industry. There are many big companies with branch offices there, such as Google, Threadless, and Microsoft, if you want to climb the corporate ladder. But that’s not all – Boulder is one of the friendliest regions for start-up firms in the US! So if you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, you’ll find it easy to start your own company there. Otherwise, you’ll also find that Boulder is actually a major hub for government research. If you’re a researcher, you’ll easily find work at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Outdoor activities after moving to Boulder

But enough about work – that’s not the primary reason you’re moving to Boulder after all! You must be wondering what the countryside is like. You’ll be delighted to learn that Boulder is a truly beautiful piece of land. The town is right beside the Flatirons, a mountain that marks the ending of the Great Plains and the beginning of the Rockies. Besides that, there’s a beautiful and carefully preserved creek that flows through the town. One of the reasons to relocate to Boulder is the countryside that feels perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Family life

You’ll find that Boulder is actually one of the top places to raise a family in Colorado. Boulder is one of the sunniest towns in the United States, with over 300 sunny days per year. The winters are also mild, which is one of the reasons everyone’s hiking, running, or doing outdoors yoga. Not only will you have plenty of beautiful scenery for outdoor activities, but also all the time in the world for them! Speaking of which, there’s plenty of bike trails, hike routes, open space parks, and pretty wilderness areas for you to explore. And did we mention yoga? The citizens of Boulder love it, and the town is actually home to several of the world’s most popular yoga festivals. If you’ve got a thing for a healthy living, moving to Boulder is definitely the right idea.

A woman in front of the hill.
Moving to Boulder will satisfy all of your outdoor needs!

Food and lifestyle

A great love for yoga isn’t Boulder’s only staple of hipster counterculture! All of Colorado is generally famous for as the state of organic farm-to-table products, and Boulder is no exception. One of the reasons to relocate to Boulder are the excellent craft wine, craft beer, and craft coffee. These are products of small family manufacturing operations. Boulder’s restaurants famously use locally grown herbs and buy meat produced by nearby farmers. Besides a fondness for outdoor activities, fresh organic produce is just one of the many ways living in Boulder encourages you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you need a starting point for local delicacies – our tip would be trying the famous bison burgers. 

Homegrown food and craft beer will make you fall in love after moving to Boulder!
Homegrown food and craft beer will make you fall in love with Boulder!

Local Culture

If you aren’t a hardcore foodie, there are other aspects of the local culture that might interest you more. Are you a person with a taste for good theater? Boulder will oblige with its world-famous Shakespeare Festival! Apart from the usual theater events, the festival includes an amazing outdoor section. You’ll have the opportunity to watch incredible plays under the astounding Colorado summer skies.


Maybe theater isn’t really your cup of tea, and you’re more into music? No worries! Boulder is famous for its Colorado Music Festival. This is an event that runs from every June to August, and it’ll render your beautiful Boulder summers even brighter! The festival features concerts from many visiting artists and ensembles, as well as the local Colorado Music Festival Orchestra. Speaking of, outside the festival you’ll also be able to attend concerts of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra.

Art galleries

You’ll also have the chance to tour one of the numerous art galleries, which feature the best of Boulder’s local art scene. Basically, whether you like paintings, music, or theater, you’ll find no shortage of culture in Boulder. If you need any further proof that relocating to Boulder will satisfy your cultural needs,  American Style Magazine named Boulder one of America’s Top 25 Arts Destinations in 2012!

If you’re a fan of fine culture, Boulder will accommodate you!

We hope we’ve given you enough useful information to judge whether moving to Boulder is the right idea. If you do make the decision to relocate, we truly believe you won’t regret it. The picturesque town will soon dazzle you with its friendly people, good food, great culture, and sunny skies!

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