How to move with children stress-free

Relocations are hard. And if you decide to move with children, it can be even more overwhelming. It is difficult to balance all the moving tasks with all your daily chores and kids-related obligations. That’s why you need to stay focused and follow the tips on how to move with children with ease and avoid all the relocation stress.

family - move with children
It can be complicated to move with children, but if you prepare you can make everything stress-free

Don’t move your house in a hurry

When you move with children, you need to think about a range of factors and tasks you need to finish before the moving day. So be sure to have enough time to prepare your move, unless you need to move last-minute. Therefore, you need to plan everything beforehand and leave yourself plenty of time to arrange all the packing, cleaning and transporting.  If you do everything in a hurry, you may not have time to spend with your children, which can be very stressful for them.

Stick to the schedule when you need to move with children

To do everything on time, you need to have a plan. Create a moving schedule you can stick to during the process. Also, prepare the moving budget, and know all the details of the move beforehand. Moving with children is way different from moving in as a couple, so be sure to have everything prepared and ready.

Planning is the key to every successful move – especially if you move with children

Talk to the children about the move

It is very important to prepare your children for this life chapter. Sit down and talk about what’s about to happen and what kind of changes they can expect. This way they will be prepared and it will be less stressful for them to deal with the move.

move with children
Kids can be very sensitive to changes, so be sure to prepare them, no matter how old they are

Help them cope with their feelings

It’s fine for your kids to feel upset about leaving their home. Be sure to understand how they feel and help them cope with it. Talk about their feelings and offer a smart solution to their problems. If possible, take a look at the new house together before you move with children. Let them imagine how their new room will look like, and where their toys will go.

Deal with the school change

As you are about to move with children, you need to think about them continuing their school as soon as you move. Therefore, be sure to arrange school paperwork in advance, and find and visit the new school before you move.

Help them with old and new friends

Moving for kids usually is very stressful as they will be leaving their friends. Help them understand that they will still see each other, just not that often, and encourage your kids to play with other children in the new neighborhood. Making new friends will make the whole process a lot easier.

Include them in the moving preparations

When they move with children,  people often keep them away from all the action. Even though it’s great for children to stay away when boxes and furniture are being carried out, find a way to include them in the moving process a little bit. For example, you can pack their room together, and help them decide if there are some things they don’t want to bring to the new place.

Be positive about your move with children

Your children shouldn’t witness your stress and move-related problems. Therefore, you need to stay positive and encourage them to feel happy and excited about their new home. Learn how to cope with the stress of moving and make this process a breeze both for you and your kids.

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