Leaving Seattle for Denver: expectations vs. reality

Leaving Seattle for Denver will be a big change but not as big as you might think now. We have prepared a small guide to relocation from Seattle to Denver and some tips and tricks on how to make this relocation easy. You will also see that sometimes expectations and reality don’t match, but that’s ok too! Read on, and by the end, you will know more about Denver and you will be able to make this move like a pro (with a little bit of help from other professionals of course). So, let’s start now.

Leaving Seattle for Denver – preparations

Before you do anything else you should declutter your old place. You are doing this so you can make packing much easier and by extension – unpacking later on. You will also rid yourself of all unuseful items you don’t really need. So that is always a plus. People always expect chores like decluttering and cleaning to be dreadful. Well, it doesn’t need to be. You can make it fun. Include the whole family, make it a game. Invite some friends over to help you and order a pizza afterward to record yourself for a job well done. This can be both a useful and fun thing to do. After you are done you can start preparations for leaving Seattle for Denver. All those preparations can take some time, but there is a way to speed things up. You will see them later in the text.

Expectations vs. Reality (differences between cities)

If you compare the two cities you will see that Denver is much better when it comes to weather, culture, traffic, skiing, mountains, and shopping. Chances are you will have friendlier neighbors there too! When it comes to job opportunities both cities are great for young professionals. Of course, this depends a lot on the line of work you are in. Seattle is a better place for nature lovers since there are trees everywhere you look and the ocean looks amazing. The only problem is the weather, but all that rain is what makes nature so great there.

A person using a laptop for research
Do some research on Denver. It looks like you made a pretty good decision.

Prices and what to expect

For some reason, people often assume that Denver is a bit pricy but in reality, Denver is about 25% less expensive than Seattle (the overall costs of life). Denver housing costs are almost 40% less expensive than Seattle housing costs which is a piece of pretty good news for you since you are leaving Seattle for Denver. You might be able to save some money. After you save up some money since housing will be cheaper you can invest it in something that might be beneficial for you and your future or your business. Chances are limitless. Just think it through and surely you will find the right way to invest your saved up money.

Are relocations always stressful?

Relocations can be stressful. But they don’t have to be. If done right you can have an amazing moving experience and a great memory down the lane. How to achieve this? Easy, prepare well, find suitable help and rely on experts’ assistance. That is the key in fact. Hiring professional movers is a way to achieve a hassle-free relocation. Of course, preparing early on is always good and you will feel much better since you will have enough time to prepare. Try downloading some of those popular moving apps to help you with the organization. Most of them are free to use so there is no reason not to try one.

The word stress written in red pen
Relocations can be very stressful. That’s why it’s important to start with preparations on time and find suitable help.

Tips on making packing easier

Decluttering alone will make the packing process much easier since you will have fewer items to pack. Start packing breakable items first since they are fragile and you need to pack them better than the rest. After you are done with fragile objects focus on the rest. Try packing by the room because that will make unpacking easier. If you plan on buying moving boxes consider renting plastic bins too! They are a great alternative to moving boxes and they are much better for the environment. Also, they are sturdier so chances are your household belongings will be safer in them.

A couple packing for leaving Seattle for Denver
Movers can also help with packing if you cant do it on your own or you need to do this quickly.

Moving day expectations vs. reality

Prepare for a hectic day but if you plan to hire reliable movers like hansenbros.com it’s ok to expect a great moving experience – chances are it will be. Still, you need to prepare for it. Especially if you are traveling with kids. Packing one bag dedicated to your moving day needs is the best course. Some basics for the road like wet wipes, food, snacks, drinks, spare clothes, documents, and such should be in that bag. Everything you can think of that you feel you might need should go there.

Settling in and how to do it like a pro

This is the last part of your “leaving Seattle for Denver” journey. All you need to do now is unpack, furnish your place if it’s not, settle in, and maybe decorate a bit to make it to your liking and to make it feel like home. It sounds like an easy thing to but in reality, it’s not. Chances are you will be tired after all that hard work and unpacking and settling in is not an easy thing (or something you can do in a few hours). Luckily local movers can help you to do it in no time, or you can do it on your own. But start working on those boxes as soon as possible. If you managed to pack correctly and label all the boxes chances are it will go much easier.

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