Why you should invest in Aspen real estate?

If you are an investor looking for the next hot location to invest your money in property – look no further than Aspen, Colorado. Aspen real estate is always hot. Generally speaking, investing in Colorado real estate is a wise move. The state’s population has risen 10% since 2010 and the trend will likely continue. So, if you’re already considering Colorado as a possible location for your investment, you can read this article  to get a broader picture of what to expect from this market.

State of Colorado is known for its tremendous natural beauty that it offers to its inhabitants and visitors alike. From the breathtaking Colorado river to the amazing Rocky Mountains and miles and miles of plains it’s a real gem for nature lovers.  You can buy a property in the vicinity of the Colorado River or the Rocky Mountains, but in this article we’re focusing on the upsides of owning a real estate in the ski town of Aspen.

The main reason for investing in Colorado real estate – it is a very popular tourist destination that attracts people for the most part of the year. This means you can rent it out and make a profit. You can use a Colorado real estate agent for this, or you can rely on websites like Airbnb. Here’s a list of reasons:

Aspen has great climate

Climate is a very important factor to consider when investing in a real estate. You want the place to have pleasant weather conditions. And Aspen definitely has them. Even though most people think of winter sports and cold weather first when they hear the word Aspen, the truth is this place has excellent weather throughout the year. Aspen has continental climate with four distinctive seasons. Yes, you can rent out your real estate to winter sports fans during the winter. But, you can rent it out during the rest of the year as well.

Aspen real estate attracts hikers in spring

Hikers will come to your Aspen real estate.
Aspen is heaven on Earth for hikers.

In spring, your Aspen real estate can be rented out to hikers looking to get out of the loud cities and dive into the quite nature. Hiking in the mountains while the natures awakens and blossoms is a wonderfully relaxing activity.  And with hiking trails as gorgeous as The Rio Grande Trail or Maroon Creek Scenic Trail, your property will be booked in spring with out a doubt!

Aspen is full of mountain bikers in summer

Summer is the time when mounting biking aficionados come to conquer the mountain. And they come in great numbers, which will have a positive effect on your budget.  Aspen is also popular with horse-back riders in the summer. And the hikers stick around as well. Let’s not forget the fly fishers who come to enjoy American Lake and Cathedral Lake.

Fall is a magical season in Aspen

Aspen fall is magical.
All the colors of Aspen fall.

Due to a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees, Aspen’s surroundings are truly magical in the fall. When trees begin to change colors, you’ll be astonished. Visitors who come and drive up to the Maroon Bell Peaks can marvel at the colorful beauty beneath them. It’s a great time to go on a hot air balloon ride and soak in the view from high up.

Winter delight in Aspen

You’ll get the most money back from your rented property in the winter. This is the part of the year when Aspen has the most tourist. They come to enjoy the world class ski center that Aspen is. With numerous ski slopes, ice rinks and state of the art gondolas, Aspen is winter athlete’s heaven.

Festivals in Aspen

If you can afford to buy a real estate in Aspen, that’s all you need to do. The touristic offer of Aspen is so divers and it offers events all through the year. Festivals are organized quiet frequently and they range from food to arts and crafts in theme.  There’s the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen Festival, Aspen Arts Festival, X Game festival of extreme sports just to name a few.

Aspen is family friendly

Aspen is the ideal place to spend some time with the family. It provides many outdoor opportunities for having family fun. This means you don’t have to rent out your property to party hungry youth. You will have your choice of responsible family people. If you prefer this, of course.

Return on your investment

With all the tourist attractions and so many people visiting the town you can make a return on your initial investment within reasonable time. Prices of rental houses vary between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per night. Of course, the prices depend on the number of beds and other amenities your property has to offer. Having a hot tub or a fire place will increase your property’s rental price. Proximity to the ski slope also boosts the price. But nevertheless, the demand is high even if you don’t have any of it.

Aspen fire place.
A fireplace will rise the price of your Aspen real estate.

Take the price of maintenance into account

When you own multiple properties, cost of maintenance is a factor to consider. Due to its continental climate and heavy snowfall in the winter, cost of maintenance is not low in Aspen. This is a downside to many upsides of owning a real estate in Aspen, but we have to point it out.

Enjoy all the perks of owning an Aspen real estate

All the peaks, and slopes, and creeks, and  lakes, and different sports activities are here for you to enjoy, as well. Not just the tourists! You can empty the property any time you like and enjoy it with your family or friends. Aspen real estate is the perfect mixture of peaceful isolation and civilization.

The decision where to invest your funds is ultimately yours, but hopefully we helped you with this information. If you buy a real estate in Aspen, you can always sell it. This destination has been popular for decades and buyers are not scarce.


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