How to properly pack the garage 101!

When you reach pack the garage on your to-do list stress hits another level. All duo to a sheer number of things piled up. That is usually and often neglected and the last room to pack. Items in the garage are the most awkward to pack. There are a lot of tools, landscaping tools and equipment in general basically things you do not want to look at. Garages often end up being dumping grounds for junk you are too lazy to dispose on time. Moreover, you don’t want them in the house. This article is about to make that a bit easier and smoother. We are going to make that garage packing as stress-free as possible. Now let us dig deeper with few effective tips to make your life easier before moving to a new home. Now let us be off.  

Pack the garage tips for the organization:  

Like with most other rooms of your dear home. Figuring out how to pack your garage starts with figuring out how to get rid of things. Getting rid of things is because simply needs decluttering. Usually, because it ends up as a deposit for all you do not user or longer need. With the start of the packing process keep an eye out for things that you can get rid of. Sorting the items you do not need into three piles: recycle, donate, or trash.

Getting rid of things now is hugely helpful for both the move itself and the unpacking. And on the plus side, you can hold a successful garage sale and earn some money on the side. So take the time to let go of the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Or in case you do not need extra cash you can donate to those who can appreciate it properly.  

Car with a garage behing prior to pack the garage task
Packing your garage does not need to be a highly stressful event.

 Pack the garage with proper supplies: 

When the time arrives for packing the garage it is all about proper supplies.Of course for any successful work you need proper supplies. For the task ahead it is all about the right supplies. Looking in general most items in the garage are bulky and with a strange shape. So things like a dolly, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and old clothes are needed. Make sure that boxes are sturdy and well taped. This is all for the safety of stuff you choose to keep from the garage. Furthermore, properly pad each item inside the boxes for additional protection. Cardboard boxes can be of use too. Tape the boxes with several layers of packing tape for extra protection. The recipe is simple, correctly packing boxes with proper supplies to keep your items for safe transportation.

inside of the garage with a vintage car and tools
Packing the garage provides quite the challenge for you, but with our few guidelines it does not have to be so.

Pack the garage an interesting challenge:

Most of the items in the garage pose quite the challenge packing vise.Of course for any successful work you need proper supplies.   Point to make here is safety is priority number one when getting ready for the big day of moving. Make sure to separate tools from their cables, batteries, and attachments.  Next on, drain any oil or gas from the tools that use it. Keep in mind to wrap up sharp-edged items in packing paper, plastic wrap, and a towel or old clothing. You can never have too much safety. Proceed with great care. Furthermore, pack carefully. And fill up space in the boxed items with packing paper or maybe small towels. You do this to make sure your stuff do not get jumbled around inside the box truck.

Pack the garage with the right labels:  

Basic idea is that your own stuff does not end up somewhere where they cause more harm. Now you do not want that to happen. Pack the garage with clearly labeled boxes first. Well, we are pretty sure that the concept is clear enough. You do not want to create extra work with non-labeled boxes scattered around the house.  With proper and clear labels on the boxes, your stuff end in the places they are intended too. Furthermore, in case that there are some hazardous materials make sure to label those with bigger fonts than usual. There is a possibility that those items are not allowed on the moving truck. You cannot afford to risk something dangerous ending up on the truck bed and getting jumbled. On the plus side, you remove confusion when unpacking later on. It is a win-win situation.  

Shoes and other not needed things inside the garage
While packing the garage you are decluttering of all the not needed items.

At the end of the day, packing the garage is not a funny activity but your home will be grateful. Moreover, it does not need to be too stressful. It is actually quite easy. Once you get the hang of how to deal with the bulk and weight of the items in there it is the only mater of right supplies. This article is to just point you in the right direction and ease your pain when it comes to packing. Do not be fearful.

This is simply a process like any other when it comes to packing. Furthermore, in case you hired a professional moving company do not just assume anything. Read the policy carefully and make sure you don’t miss anything. There are sometimes items they are reluctant to move. Moreover, you do not want your stuff to be on that list. Moving is always stressful but do not let it get to you.  

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