How to make the best moving checklist

Moving is one of the activities that demand a lot of planning and organizing to do right. It is stressful and can cause some sleepless nights. However, it is inevitable and demands an investment of time. People dread planning this process and stress about it. However, with the importance of a moving plan and checklist, it is a necessity. So here is some advice on how to make the best moving checklist for your relocation.

Importance of planning

Long-distance moves are complex and require proper planning. Even short-distance ones can be stressful and difficult. this is where the moving checklists come into play. They are handy and can keep you on track with the move. They are a blueprint for your move that helps you stay on track and go through the motions.

Having a moving checklist will help you sleep better as it will prevent you from missing anything important through the process. It will keep track of the moving activities you have to perform and follow your moving tasks through time and it will make it a nice experience by reducing stress.

Person writing how to make the best moving checklist
A checklist will make your move easier

Creating a moving checklist

Now that you know the importance of a moving checklist you should know a couple of practical things about it. Arm yourself with patience and focus on preparation. Here is how to make the best moving checklist:

  • Start planning on time – As soon as you decide to move start planning. Take notes of everything that comes to mind with regard to the planning and organization of the move. Keep track of what you will have to do as it will be the base of your checklist.
  • Decide on what to move. It will also influence your decluttering process as well as the amount of packing supplies and the packing activity itself.
  • Plan to organize a decluttering process and set aside some time for it. Through this process, you can get rid of the things you will not need. You can plan to sell them, throw them away or donate them.
  • Contact several movers to get the estimates and offers. Once you have all of the relevant mover’s info compare their estimates and choose the best offer for you.
  • Inventory your belongings so you can plan other activities. Once you know what you process you
  • Once you know what you will move you can incorporate the packing supplies into your checklist. Make sure to list all of the boxes, protective material, tap, scissors, and box cutter you will need for packing.
  • Incorporate your packing activity into the moving plan. Define the time frame and the date you will start this process.
  • Find the right moving company – Search the internet and sift through reviews and references. Research to avoid scammers and to find the movers that will suit your needs perfectly.
  • Make a list of documents you have to prepare and have with you on your moving day. Also, incorporate all of the services you will have to disconnect and connect in your new home. Keep these aspects of the move in your moving checklist so you don’t miss any of them.
Woman with packed boxes
Include every aspect of the move in your checklist

In short

So a moving checklist is important for proper handling and managing of your move. Knowing how to make the best moving checklist will help you a lot in the management of your move. So, start making yours in due time for an efficient move.

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