How to make a roadmap for the upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois

Your upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois is surely very exciting. If you are lucky and have the time to plan it ahead you can make everything prepared on time in order for the relocation to go smoothly. If you are not that lucky and have to move in a hurry – don’t worry we will show you who can help you out (professional movers). Some people like to DIY it and that is the reason for this text. We will show you how to plan everything and make a roadmap. Yes, you need an old-fashioned map as well. You cant rely on the internet on the road because you need to expect that in some parts of the road you can be completely offline.

Planning ahead for your upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois

You should start preparing for this relocation as soon as you can. Of course, you will be packing slowly – there is no need to do it in a day. We suggest downloading some moving apps to help you with your preparations as well as packing. But since you are planing all that you can also plan for your road trip. There are many things you need to sort out before moving day.

post its that can help to organize a move from Colorado to Illinois
Start planning and making checklists as soon as you can.

Preparing your car for your upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois

Your car needs to be in top shape if you plan on making this trip. Especially if you are going on this trip with kids. The first thing you need to do is take your car to the mechanics. Do this at least two weeks before the road trip. In case something is off and needs fixing you want to have time to deal with it. If everything is in order and your car is good to go there are only a few things you need to do on your own like washing the car and prepare it for moving day. In case you have to wait for your car to be fixed there are many useful things you can do while waiting like preparing your roadmap.

roadmap and roadtrip
If your car is in top shape and your roadmap is prepared you are good to go!

Making a roadmap

You will be needing the map obviously. Buy a new one. Then use your smartphone to find the best route or to be exact let Google tell you the best route to your new destination. Label this route on the map. Then go back to your smartphone and find an alternative route. It’s important to have a backup plan. After you found the two fastest and best routes mark the spots where you can fill up your tank. You can also find that information online and simply mark it on your map. Since this is about 15 hours drive you might want to consider making one stop and sleepover somewhere. If you choose this option you need to book a motel for a sleepover. Mark that on your map as well. But just in case find an alternative place where you can sleep over. It’s always good to be prepared.

Roadmap when you are traveling with kids

If you are traveling on your own or with another adult you just need to mark two good routes, gas stations, and in case you need to rest the place where you can do that. But, traveling with kids is a whole another exhibition. You need to mark the hospitals along the way if it’s not on the map. Also if you are dealing with toddlers and need to stop often you might want to find some fun park where there can be entertained for an hour since they can get quite fussy when driving for hours. You know your kids the best and know what they need so you will be able to plan this and remember to mark it on your roadmap so in case you are without internet you can still find everything. Relocations with kids can be quite hard and if you think it might be too much you can simply find reliable movers like Golans Moving and Storage to help you out.

maps while preparing for upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois
Everything looks different when you have kids – even roadmaps.

Moving day and dealing with roadmap

Moving day is the most exciting part for the ones doing this on their own! Before you start your road trip you need to make sure you have your “moving day bag”. This is a special bag that needs to be separate from all your moving boxes and other household items you are bringing with you. This bag should have some basic necessities you will be needing on the road. Here is a list of some common things people pack but you will of course pack what you need :

  • food and snacks
  • water and juices (if you have a portable mini fridge for your car that will be a great bonus)
  • wet wipes
  • toilet paper
  • gel sanitizer
  • roadmap
  • keys and documents (IDs and such)
  • medications in case you use some
  • spare clothes
  • small towel

If there are two of you we suggest one person drives and the other one reads the map. That is the best for the focus.

Settling in your new place

As soon as you come and rest for a bit you should start with unpacking and settling in. Of course, since you just traveled a long road you will be quite tired. If you hire local movers they can facilitate settling in in no time and you will be ready to start your new journey in Illinois in no time. So consider hiring movers. That can be very helpful and the best of all – quickly.

What can you do with your roadmap after

Frame it! This will be a great decoration and a memory of your big journey and relocation. Why not frame your whole upcoming move from Colorado to Illinois and make it a part of your home decoration?

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