How to handle moving expensive artwork

Everyone has to move once or twice in a lifetime. Maybe even more. And whatever the reason for your move is – a job, going to college, moving out of your parents’ house – you want it to go as smoothly as possible. But when you’re older and more mature, there are a lot more things to take care of while doing it. For example, the artwork. You possess a couple of paintings or sculptures that you want to arrive safely in your new home. For obvious reasons. But the way to do it is not always so obvious. And that’s why we’re here. Here are some tips on how to handle moving expensive artwork like a pro. Stay tuned for more information.

Moving chaos

As we all know, moving can be chaotic. Boxes all around, coping with movers, packing everything. And when you have to worry about expensive things, it can get even more chaotic. But it is all manageable. Don’t stress out in advance. You can have it under control if you simply follow our tips on how to handle moving expensive artwork. Let’s dig deeper.

Professional movers moving expensive artwork by truck
Hire professionals to help you!

How to handle moving expensive artwork

Follow these procedures for protecting your artwork while moving:

Protect your artwork

Before you move, obviously, you need to protect your artwork. First of all, you need to clean it from the dust. It’s the step you can do on yourself. Secondly, you want to protect it. You can do it by using bubble wrap and packing paper. That way they can be secure in transport.

Use what you got

Place cardboard underneath the art. Put tissue paper or newspaper over your artwork. But be careful. Depending on the artwork, sometimes newspapers can copy onto your art. Tape the paper on the corners of the thing you want to move. To add extra protection, and to avoid any possible scratches, you can wrap them in sheets or pillowcases.

Framed artwork

You wanna use strong boxes with these. Also, you’ll want to use bubble wraps, packing peanuts, and, in some cases, corner protectors. Wrap the frame with bubble wrap, and make sure to do it tightly. If it’s a delicate piece of art, add corner protectors before. Then put it in the box filled with packing peanuts for some extra protection. The tighter it fits with the peanuts, the better. In the end, tape the box thoroughly with duct tape to prevent art from falling out of it.

Vincent Van Gogh portrait painting
Pay special attention to your framed artwork

Hire professional movers

If you think this is all too much for you, the best thing would be to hire professionals to do it for you. They are trained to do it and know all the things that could possibly go wrong. And in most cases, they offer a refund if anything goes wrong.

You are ready to go!

Your precious art is safe with us. Once you find the right place for you, and after reading our tips on how to handle moving expensive artwork, you’re more than ready to go and start packing for your new adventure!

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