How to find a roommate after you move?

You are moving to a new city, you found a perfect apartment but you need a roommate. Maybe the apartment is expensive and you want to split the bills. Or you simply don’t like living alone. It is fairly hard to find a roommate after you move. You need to find someone that you like. But most importantly, someone with who you can co-exist. There are some simple steps and rules you should follow. You need to be sure that you chose the right person to share your apartment with and ultimately, your life. Also, you will probably have different habits, or maybe some weird ones. That is why you need to talk with that person about everything and make sure that you fit together. One of the important things is even a simple one – do you agree on how you will decorate your apartment after the move?

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Social Media can be of a great help when you are looking for a roommate

Where to find a roommate after you move?

Well, this is the first and basic thing that you need to think about. There are a lot of ways where you can find a roommate. Today, we have access to social networks where news spread quickly. Also, you have a lot of websites that specialize in finding a roommate. You can always ask your friends and family do they know someone who is looking a place to live. it is not that easy to find a roommate after you move.

Is any of your friends moving?

The first thing that you need to think about is, do you have any friends that are moving to the same city as you? Are they also looking for a roommate? This is the safe bet since you will be moving in with someone that you already know. You know most of their habits and you can talk to them about everything. You can even make a deal to hire the same movers and that way avoids additional costs. Hiring Vector Movers NJ can save you a lot of trouble. You just need to talk to your friend, call the moving company, schedule a date and that is it. You will be splitting the cost, and it will be much more affordable. This way, you have a roommate and you avoided a lot of stress.

Tell the world that you are looking for a roommate

You need to think about this carefully. Are you completely okay with the fact that you will be telling the whole world where are you moving? If you are, talk to your friends and family, tell them to ask around is anyone searching for a roommate. Maybe they have someone who is looking for a roommate.  This way, the word spreads quickly and you can be sure that you will find a roommate after you move.

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Tell your friends and family that you are looking for a roommate

Social media

You can always post on social media that you are looking for a roommate. You can post it on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkdIn. Also, you can always use websites that specialize in that area. Those websites are like date sites, you get to talk with your potential roommate online, you can learn about his hobbies and similar.  And after that, you can decide if you want to meet them in person.

How to meet your potential roommate?

Well, you should always meet your potential roommates in person. Also, you should always pick some public place like coffee shops. This way, you can avoid any uncomfortable situations. You can talk with them, and feel safe. And, you can always bring a friend with you. Your friend can just sit somewhere near you if you are uncomfortable with meeting strangers.

people drinking coffee
You can always meet your potential roommate in a coffee shop

One thing is for sure, you should always trust your gut. That inner feeling is something that you should rely on. You can watch this as a first date as well. Your goals should be at least similar. If you are expecting that your roommate is going to be your best friend – tell them. Also, ask them about their habits. Ask them do they have any pets for example. Also, you can ask them would they like to renovate apartment with you in some point.


Well, this might be the fun part. If you like to search online and dig some information – well you will enjoy this. As you already guessed – you should search online for your potential roommate. Look them up on all social networks and check the results. If you want to dig deeper, you can even try to search if they were ever arrested.  After this little search, you will know even those little secrets that your potential roommate didn’t tell you.

Ask about references

One of the things you could ask for is references. Feel free to ask them about this. Of course, you do not need a number from their parents or friends. You should ask for a reference from a landlord or previous roommate. This is just one of the ways that can help you to make a decision about your potential roommate. After all, whole this search where you were focused to find a roommate after you move should be successful.

Important questions

So, important questions are up. You should ask your potential roommate do they have a job, and how do they plan to pay for the rent. You should even think about signing some contract between you two. This way, you will just insure yourself in case something happens. One of the important questions is about your habits – are the okay if you for example like to play the piano? Are they ready to help if you need help moving that piano? Do they have a problem with loud noise from time to time? And do they plan to play some loud music?

Also, you should talk about bringing friends. You do not want to end up with a roommate who always has some friends at a sleepover. After all, you two are renting that apartment. One of the important questions is also, how long do they plan to live in that city. Are they here for a long-term period? Make a list and ask them. It is better to ask, then to be stuck.

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