How to choose a studio space

Finding a place to transform your creativity into something great is not an easy business. Apart from finances, this studio needs to suit your needs and requirements. Also, it should allow you to work and create music without any interruptions. That’s why we created a guide to help you choose a studio space that you will feel comfortable in and be able to work and create some great music.

The location matters

Being able to easily reach your new studio will make your everyday routine much easier and stress-free. Think about the best neighborhoods and start looking for nearby locations. It’s good that your studio is not far away from your home, since the long commutes can make you tired and take away precious creative time.

Bonus tip: if you happen to be moving to a completely different neighborhood or another city, you probably worry about the safety of your items during transport. Expensive equipment and instruments are very fragile, so be sure to transport them with the utmost care. We recommend hiring professionals so you can have your piano transported safely and without any stress.

A microphone in a music studio.
Creating in the space you really love will be much more successful.

The studio space – does it meet your requirements?

When you need to choose a studio space, you need to make sure you’re getting what you really need. Space itself should meet your requirements, or allow you to adapt it the way you want. Think about your preferences and the things you need to support your creativity. List everything you want from your future studio – make a list of priorities. Then, you can check these items when you start looking at different spaces. Consider the size, the equipment you need, and whether or not the space is inspirational and practical enough.

Do you need to share the space?

One of the biggest factors that affect your decision when choosing a studio is whether you’ll share the space with another artist. Very often studios are quite expensive, so sharing the rent can be relieving. However, it’s not possible for everybody to work in a shared space. So if you’re one of them – prepare your budget for higher costs.

a microphone in a studio space
Think if you can share your creative space, and it will be easier to find a studio.

Explore the local community

Getting to know the community can really help you choose a studio space. Meeting people from the business and talking about the studio search can help you find some interesting locations, such as buildings where other creative musicians work or live, great renting offers, etc.

After you choose a studio space…

…it’s time to start packing. Start with decluttering your old studio and scheduling the moving date. Starting this on time will help you organize the moving process so the stress is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, when it’s time to pack for your move, make sure you dedicate time and effort to pack and protect all items safely. Invest in high-quality packing supplies, so the fragile items typically found in a studio.

Finding the perfect space is often difficult, since most of the spaces will have something you don’t like. However, if you set your priorities, you will be able to overcome these little details and adjust them according to your preferences. Good luck with your search!

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