How to choose a house plan

Building your house is a huge undertaking. So, no wonder why this project is an investment that you care about getting right. But, it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out how to choose a house plan. 

This guide on how to choose a house plan has all the essential considerations to know when making this big decision.

How to choose a house plan

Just like any big project, there are various relevant factors in the selection process. Below you’ll find a break down each of those factors. It will help you gain clarity on choosing the house plan that is best for you. 

Then, when the job is finished, you can learn how to throw a memorable house warming party.

House Building Man Plan - How to choose a house plan
Find out how to choose a house plan.

Be creative and dream

We all have an idea about what our dream house would include. If not, put your imagination to work and list everything you would want in a dream house. Imagine what elements you would love to have in your house. Use home decor magazines and websites to get your inspiration flowing.

At this point, don’t worry too much about what is possible. That will come later. Just have a list of what you want at ready when going through the rest of the process.


When you are building a house, you can choose the style you desire. Therefore, study styles that are of interest to you. This way you’ll have a good feel for the desired aesthetic of your house.

Your house’s style choices will have an impact on the house plan. So, be prepared for any limitations or freedoms that can come with the style you prefer. Plus, check out southern home decor trends.

How to choose a house plan – Get practical

Get down to business and ask yourself important house plan questions about the feasibility of your ideas.

Some of the many considerations of potential builders are:

  • The features that are a necessity.
  • The needs and desires of a person with whom you are building the house.
  • Where you want to live?
  • Relevant building codes.
  • The budget.

Think about the specifics of what you can accomplish.


Get serious about how much you can spend on a new house. You’ll probably need to take out a construction loan to build. But, don’t rely on that entirely for all of the expenses that can happen. 

House Money
Get to know your finances.

Choose a house plan – Lot size

Unless if you already own the land, think about the size of the lot that you need to build your new house on.

Some areas of the USA have specific requirements regarding minimum and maximum lot sizes and construction square footage. So, to determine the right lot size for you, contact a local professional or contractor, and get a proper estimate. But, if you have a lot chosen, the size is a major factor when it comes to choosing a house plan.

Big or small house 

Have an idea of the square footage size you’re looking for by considering your lifestyle, family size, hobbies, and plans. The choice is up to you. But, make sure it is in line with your budget as well as many of your dream ideas.

Combine dreams and reality

Building a house is both an incredibly exciting and overwhelming experience. Combine the pleasure of imagining a dream house with practical considerations to choose a house plan for you.

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