How to become a realtor in Colorado

To become a real estate agent in some of the USA states is not that complicated. In some of them, you may get a license attending less than 40 hours long course. But to become a realtor in Colorado is truly a demanding process. So you should only read this article if you’re ready to put an effort. Besides that, the learning doesn’t stop after you get a license to do your realtor job.

On the contrary, the real education begins after you become a realtor. Being a real estate broker is a job where you must be ready for a lifetime long learning. And to almost have no personal life during some months of the year. If I didn’t scare you enough, and you’re still sure you want to become a realtor in Colorado, read on and find out how. It’s a great decision, by the way!

Tips on what to do to become a realtor in Colorado

You must work hard become a realtor in Colorado
It is not easy to become a realtor in Colorado

Colorado state economy, lead by the city of Denver, is booming in recent years. Therefore, the Colorado realty brokerage has become a really interesting job to so many people. In order to reach the goal of being called a licensed Colorado realty broker, you need to fulfill the following:

  • Real estate broker needs to be an adult – The minimum age for real estate agent in Colorado is 18.
  • It is required that Colorado realtor finishes 160+ hours long course – This is essential to be done.
  • A candidate for Colorado realty agent is background checked – You’re fingerprinted and checked for criminal records.
  • Pass the Colorado realty brokerage exam – To get a license, you must earn it!
  • Real estate broker sponsorship – You must find a sponsoring broker to become a realtor in Colorado.

The age of Colorado realtor

To become a realtor in Colorado you need to be 18+. There’s not too much to say about this. The job of real estate agent in Colorado is not for children. Or some kind of a job where you can do whatever you like. The job of realty broker requires your mental maturity, and therefore, until the age of 18, you can’t even try to become a Colorado realtor.

The course for becoming a licensed realty broker in Colorado

You must finish a course to become a real estate agent in Colorado
To become a real estate broker in Colorado, you must finish the 160+ hours long course

To become a realtor in Colorado, you need to get a proper education. That education is more demanding than in many other states of the US, For example, in Hawai, you need to take only 60 hours course, while in Kansas that course is even shorter, 30 hours and in Massachusetts only 24 hours. Hence, you’ll be sorry to hear- Coloradoans have the hardest way to becoming a licensed real estate agents.

However, if your will is strong enough, you can achieve anything. But it’s very important to know what stands between you and your goal- to become a realtor in Colorado. And, among other things to be mentioned in this article, that is 168 hours long course of required education for Colorado real estate agents. After you successfully finish the course, you may proceed to the next steps.

Background check

Before you get the opportunity to deserve a license, you ought to undergo a detailed check. You must be fingerprinted. The Colorado bureau of investigation (CBI) receives it and then checks on you. They check your background. Searching for your criminal past. If you pass this check, having no criminal records, you’re capable of continuing your road to becoming Colorado realtor.

Passing the exam

Do your best and pass the exam for Colorado realty agent
Do your best to pass the exam and get the license of a Colorado realty broker

To get a license of Colorado realty broker, you must pass the exam. But to qualify for taking the exam, you must finish the 168 hours long course. So after you do, you’re able to take the test. Still, we suggest you take some preparations before you do. Because it takes 75% of correct answers to pass the exam and become a realtor in Colorado. And that’s not easy at all. Hence, take advantage of preparations courses. That way not only that you will find out what to pay attention to, but you’ll also gain the confidence. And the confidence is your best friend when you’re having some major test in your life. Finishing the preparations, apply for the test. Have your social security number, or some other accepted identification, and apply for the exam to the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Find a realty broker to sponsor you

You need to find an employing real estate broker to sponsor you. Before you become a real estate agent with a license in Colorado. Not only because you get the experience that way. The employing Colorado real estate broker actually files the application. Not you, or someone else. Therefore, either you have in mind who shall do that for you, or start searching ASAP. Without that, you have nothing, It wouldn’t matter if you’re older than18,  finished the course or passed the detailed check from CBI.

As we said, you need to have the right information before starting the education for a realty broker in Colorado. So we left the most important thing for the end on purpose. I know you’ll say all the things are important. And it’s true. But finding a Colorado realty broker to sponsor you is the only thing that doesn’t depend on you solely. So figure it out first, and focus after that on what you need to do. And we’re sure that, if you put the right effort, you’ll become a realtor in Colorado. Don’t miss any step, prepare well, have confidence, and get on that road to becoming a Colorado realty broker already!

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