How Much Does It Cost to Move to NJ?

It has come a time when you need to move to NJ. It doesn’t really matter why. You might be moving for a job. Or you might be just looking to change your surroundings. New Jersey is a great place to move to. It offers great living space at a decent cost. But, how much does it cost to move to NJ? Well, that depends on many factors. From where you are moving from to the size of your home. Your choice of movers will also influence the price you are going to pay. Here are some factors that you need to take into account when calculating the cost so that you can be properly prepared for your moving day.

Calculating how much does it cost to move to NJ

There are many factors that you need to take into account when calculating how much does it cost to move to NJ. The first one is your household. The cost of the move depends greatly on how much stuff you have to relocate. The cost isn’t the same for a studio and for a four-bedroom home. The amount of belongings you have is a big factor in calculating the cost. Many moving companies will calculate your estimate based on the number or weight of your items. While the average cost of moving locally is around $1250, your situation might be vastly different. The type of assistance for your local relocation that you hire is a big factor. You can hire movers only to load items into your truck. Or you might want to get a full service.

A calculator to calculate how much does it cost to move to NJ.
There are many factors that you need to take into account when calculating the cost of your relocation.

Local moving

Local moving is probably the cheapest form of moving. It can cost anywhere between $200 and $2000. Depending on the size of your home as well as the number of belongings you are moving. But, the average price for a three to four bedroom home is around $1250.

You are not moving very far away. And you can hire a local moving company like Bluebell relocation services NJ to assist you. So, the costs are lower for both you and your movers. When hiring local movers make sure you get a moving estimate beforehand. That way you will have a pretty clear picture of what it is going to cost you.

Movers aren’t the only expense when calculating how much does it cost to move to NJ. You also need to take into account some other things. If you have any outstanding bills for your utilities, you will need to pay them all at once. And that too is an expense that comes with moving.

An open road during daylight.
Distance plays a role in your cost estimate.

Long distance relocation

Long distance relocation is a completely different league of relocating. You are moving across the country, to a different state. There’s more movers involved and more time spent on transporting your belongings. And so, costs can be much higher than they are for a local relocation. The average cost of a long-distance relocation is around $5000. And that includes movers, transportation and unloading of your belongings. There are also other costs associated with long distance relocation. You will also need to travel to your destination. And depending on your means of transportation, it can be a big factor.

Get a moving estimate

Calculating the exact amount of money that your move is going to cost you is complicated. But, there is an easy way for you to find out. Most moving companies offer a moving estimate. And they are usually free. So, when booking your moving company ask them for a moving estimate. A professional will come to your home and list all your belongings. After that, the moving company will be able to provide you with a much more accurate number for your relocation. It still probably won’t be an exact number, unless you get a binding-estimate, but it will be in the ballpark. So, make sure you go over the numbers when signing a moving contract.

Packing materials

Another thing that you need to take into account when you want to know how much does it cost to move to NJ is packing materials. It might seem like a small factor. But when moving an entire household you will need a lot of moving boxes. And boxes alone can cost you up to $150 for a three bedroom apartment. Then there are other materials that you will need. Packing tape is a must, so you can properly seal your boxes. Plastic shrink wrap is another material that is very useful during relocation. And then there are things that depend on the type of your items. For more fragile items you will need to buy air-filled plastic wrap. And if you are transporting larger items you might want to invest in packing peanuts. It all depends on the items you are transporting and how fragile they are.

Additional services

There are many additional costs that you can have during a relocation. Also, there are many additional services that might affect your moving budget. From professional packing to storage solutions. And just like with everything else, you need to calculate them into your moving budget. So, when asking how much does it cost to move to NJ you need to ask yourself how many services will you need.

A drawing of a cardboard box.
You should include packing materials when looking at the cost of your relocation

Packing services

Packing services are a great way to make your move easier. You won’t have to deal with packing materials. You won’t have to worry about properly protecting your belongings. All you have to do is call a moving company, and they will send their packers. But, it also cost additionally. And it depends on the size of your home and the number of items you have.

Another useful thing you can use is storage. Many times during the move people need short-term storage. Either because your new home is not ready, or because there has been an unexpected delay. And renting storage is another expense that you need to take into account. So, make sure you calculate it into your moving budget.

Special moving services

Special moving services are for those odd items that don’t fit into any category. For example, you might have a piano that you need to move. Or a pool table that you want to be transported to your new location. Or maybe you have an art collection that needs to be specially protected during transport. For items like these, moving companies need very skilled workers. And that can cost you additionally. So, when you want to know how much does it cost to move to NJ you need to know your items. When booking a moving company make sure you tell them about those special items that you have. And ask how much extra it is going to cost you.

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